“Since you can’t fight her,Make trouble,Didn’t you let me wipe my butt?“Xia Jian asked again。

First0228chapter Riding a tiger
Zhao Longlong wanted to be in Buchuan,But a powerful person from Megatron。
Although it is a legal society,He is no longer arrogant in previous years,But by Xia Jian,How can he be subdued in his heart,As the saying goes, the camel is dead,But the shelf is still there。
I saw the bruises on his face exposed,Hold the tea cup with both hands,As if he was going to eat Xia Jian raw。Xia Jian is a newborn calf who is not afraid of tigers,He is also staring,Uncompromising,The atmosphere in the room is extremely tense,Zhang Teng’s forehead,Sweat。
Snapped!The glass tea cup in Zhao Longlong’s hand,Was crushed by him,The blood ran down his wrist,Some bodyguards outside his door,Hear sound,Rushed in immediately。
When they saw Zhao Longlong’s hands were blood flowing,Just say nothing,Pounced straight at Xia Jian,But they underestimated Heiwa and the others,Just listen to Fang Fangjiao’s cry,People came out,Use fists and feet。
Zhao Longlong takes the people around,Natural skills are not bad,For a time,Seven or eight people became a group,The room was not very big,The sound of things being smashed constantly。
“What shit brother,Since you don’t give me Zhao Longlong face so much,We don’t know that,You save my love,I have paid off”Zhao Longlong shouted,Overturned the tea table in front of you,Bang,Everything on the table fell to the ground。
As the table falls,Zhao Longlong came over,Two consecutive attacks against Xia Jian,Fortunately, Xia Jian had already prepared,He hurried back two steps。
He completely angered Zhao Longlong today,Every one of his tricks,All so sinister and vicious,If this is replaced by ordinary people,I’ve been put down on the ground long ago。
Not to be indecent,Xia Jian is this temper,Since Zhao Longlong has already shot him,And also used a tough trick,He won’t make a move,I really thought he was scared。
One move is hungry,Another trick Haidilao Moon,Two tricks are fast and ruthless,See Zhao Longlong flashing left and right gear,All the tricks are gone,This expert makes a move,I know if there is。
Xia Jian only knew,The name of Zhao Longlong,It’s really not blown out,After a few tricks,He obviously feels difficult to fight,But at this point,He can only hold on to his scalp。
And Zhao Longlong on the other side,I thought I would do it myself,Three or two tricks can bring Xia Jian down,It’s better to let out the bad breath,He never expected,Such a young Xia Jian,So sophisticated,Looks good to bring down Xia Jian,Not as easy as he thought。
So both of them have a feeling of riding a tiger,Zhang Teng,Anxious like an ant on a hot pot,They fight like this,You have to make a loser。Seeing that everything in the tea shop was almost broken,And seven or eight people,It’s hard to distinguish。
at this time,A loud voice came in from the door:“Stop me!”
This sound,Like a bolt from the blue,Zhao Longlong and Xia Jian stopped their hands at the same time,Seeing their men,Also stand on both sides separately。