on the car,She called the security company,Make quick arrangements for personnel in place,Around eleven noon,The security company sent two buses to bring fifty security guards downstairs to the advertising agency。

“boss Zhang,These are students from the police school,Do you see qualified?”The leader asked Zhang Siwei。
In front of the building stood a group of young people,All dressed neatly,Holding shields and sticks in both hands,Zhang Siwei nodded,“Ok,can。”
“Ok,Mr. Zhang is satisfied,These equipment are newly bought,We have spent the money。”
“These equipment,It won’t break,You don’t suffer。”Zhang Siwei smiled。
“you are right,It can come in handy later,it is good,I’ll leave it to you now,This is the list,Those whose names are marked with colors are capable,If needed,Can be a contact person or team leader,Anyway,Up to you。”
“Ok,Thank you,Bothered。”Zhang Siwei spent half a day,Just put the personnel in place,Fifty people divided into five groups,Contacts for each group,So I feel relieved。
the following few days,The work is in full swing,Simultaneously,Zhang Siwei’s first job every day is to read the newspaper of the day,See if there is news about Zhao Gang’s house。
Really,Less than a week,News of Zhao Gang’s house was published in the newspaper,Front page headlines,A huge black photo,It’s Zhao Gang’s father。
With words below,The general content is the chairman of a group,Checked for smuggling,Investment failure,The company lost more than one billion,I had to commit suicide and ended this life。
Uncle Zhao committed suicide?The news stunned Zhang Siwei instantly,She fell on the sofa for a long time,It took a long time to call Zhao Gang,“Zhao Gang,Something happened to your dad!”
Over the phone,Zhao Gang’s voice is a little hoarse,“I already know,I’m buying a ticket and rushing back。”
“Zhao Qianqian knows?”Zhang Siwei asked again。
Zhao Gang paused for a few seconds,“Don’t hurry,tomorrow,Tell her tomorrow。”
“it is good。”Zhang Siwei hung up and called his bodyguard to Zhao Gang’s house.。
When she arrives,There are already many people around Zhao Gang’s villa,There is an account,There is fun,TV station,With newspaper,There are also police maintaining order。
too many people,She can’t squeeze in,The phone rang at this moment,“Hey,mom。”
“Think about danger,What’s wrong with your Uncle Zhao?”Wu Lusheng’s voice was filled with anxiety and anxiety。
“The details are unclear,I just saw it in the newspaper。”
“I’ll be at his house immediately。”