“what,I know I guessed right,It’s you!”Luo Yun looked excited。

Fuming is even stranger“You know me?”
“Hi,You don’t know yet,You are famous,The four teams of teacher Wang Yukun in charge of enrollment all know your name,You were badly injured and killed the mad fire lion!Do you know this is equivalent to a miracle?!”Luo Yun is more excited,The more you listen, the more speechless you are,Originally said it was low-key,Why is this so high-profile。。。
“Cough,Be quiet!”Wang Yukun, who was audited yesterday, appeared on the high platform in front of the square,One sentence calmed the restless crowd。
“First of all,Welcome to Bailian Academy,But don’t think that if you pass the test, you can eat and die here with peace of mind,I have three points,The first starts when you enter Bailian Academy,You have three years from the outer courtyard to the inner courtyard,In the outer courtyard you are called students,And when you get to the inner courtyard, you change to a student!If you have not entered the inner courtyard after the three-year period,I’m sorry then,Our college will force you to drop out,Bailian Academy leaves no waste!”
After finishing this first point, let the people below take a breath,This rule is abnormal enough。
“second,Our external colleges are divided intoA,B,C,DFour school districts,The four school districts are next to each other,There can be friction between the four school districts,But bloodshed is not allowed outside the duel,If such an event occurs,Then what is waiting for you is that the law enforcement team will escort you to the law enforcement hall for punishment,First offense 20,Second spur forty,Direct expulsion from the college for the third time,have you understood?”
“understand”Everyone underneath didn’t care about it,Isn’t it just getting the whip twice?,How can you still die?,Wang Yukun had expected this situation a long time ago,Reached back and took out a black and gold whip,There are blood stains on the whip。
“Scream”Scream,The whip hit the ground,The ground made of marble was thrown out instantly3Centimeter crack,Everyone was shocked by this scene,This is the whip on the ground,If this is thrown on myself,You have to be disabled if you die。
“how about it,its not bad, right,This whip is made of iron wire,Then twist them together one by one,This is thrown on,But it’s very exciting”Wang Yukun smiled with a whip,I can see people trembling。
Fuming’s look hasn’t changed,With your own physical strength,This level of spurring is still within the tolerance range,Qingling is the same,After all, she is a woman who has seen big winds and waves。
“Third,Three days later, our four school districts,Day of the freshman competition,The reward is huge,But the premise is that you have the ability to get it!Those who won the first place will not only have rewards but also the title of rookie king,It will be very helpful for you to step into internal students in the future,So these three days,Work hard,Strive for a good place in three days,Who humiliated me,Hehe,You weigh it yourself,Just these three things,Disband”
After saying that Wang Yukun turned and left,The people on the square also left in twos and threes,All of them have a feverish fighting spirit on their faces,Strive for a place in the competition three days later。
“Qingling, leave first,I have something to ask Teacher Wang”Fuming said to Qingling,Qing Ling nodded and turned to leave。
“Teacher Wong,Wait a moment”Fu Ming stopped Wang Yukun,Wang Yukun is also a little strange,Why is this weird kid looking for himself?。
“what happened?”