There is not even a hint of joy on the face。

due to《Ao Yuan Jue》Dacheng,Fang Yu’s mood has also changed a lot。
Master said,Ancient medicine is mainly to save the dead。
So as to better improve the state。
To save more people!
“Mr. Fang can see……Our group has a pharmaceutical company,I want you to work in my company!”
Hu Yongchang looked at Fang Yu,A serious way。
“I reject!”
Fang Yu pondered。
No time for other thinking!
“You don’t think about it?You are now helping at your father’s drugstore……I’m afraid I can’t make a lot of money。You come to our group’s pharmaceutical company,Guarantee your annual income!”
Hu Yongchang smiled。
Average young man,Faced with such conditions,I can’t sit still。