Breaking the old customs, Xinfeng, Lu Lulin County 32 to newcomers hold collective wedding

"We met in the Blue Sky Rescue Team, I will worry about him in the past few days, but more is to support him to take responsibility.

"Bride Wu Zhihong said, love two years, the encounter in a rescue team has also been happy.

"Thanks to the government to hold such a wedding, let more friends witnessed the happiest moment in our lives, and the wedding will double." Feng Xiangyu, who came from Liu Lin County Traffic Police Brigade, said.According to reports, this activity is hosted by the CPC Liu Lin County Party Committee, Liu Lin County People’s Government, aims to promote the revitalization of rural villages, promote the creation of civilized cities, advocating the new style of the trendy, the wedding, the civilized and frugal, guided the county’s young peopleEstablish the correct marriage concept.(李 梦文) (Editor: Li Meng Wen, Zhang Linshan) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.