9 games in 4 games tribute to Golden Arrow! Cristiano Ronaldo ranks among the top ten La Liga historical shooters

9 games in 4 games tribute to “Golden Arrow”! Cristiano Ronaldo ranks among the top ten La Liga historical shooters
On September 24, 1953, Di Stefano completed the Real Madrid debut. On September 24, 61 years later, Ronaldo used the first big four of the season in the five major leagues and the second hat within 3 days.Trick, the perfect performance of 9 goals in 4 games pays tribute to the golden arrow!The Portuguese striker also surpassed Villa and tied the legendary scorer Sandy Lana, who ranked 10th in the La Liga historical scorer list. This really belongs to Ronaldo’s week!C Ronaldo scored 9 goals in 4 games. C Ronaldo scored 11 goals and 9 shots after losing to Atletico Madrid. Real Madrid quickly rebounded. The league and the UEFA Champions League achieved three consecutive wins in three games and scored 18.Ball, Ronaldo who scored 8 goals in three games is undoubtedly the number one hero.Although Real Madrid only had 1 win and 2 losses in the first three games of La Liga, Cristiano Ronaldo actually maintained an excellent state, successively breaking the goals of Cordoba and Atletico Madrid. After Ancelotti changed his tactics, Cristiano Ronaldo’s strength was sufficient.freed.  Cristiano Ronaldo’s insurance is a bit of a Real Madrid criminal. The opening was only 15 minutes. The Portuguese striker accidentally kicked Moskra when the penalty area was released. Although Cristiano Ronaldo did not foul, the referee still awarded a penalty.However, Ronaldo quickly found a good opportunity for atonement, Marcelo’s penalty area breakthrough to win a penalty, Ronaldo easily left foot shot.The Portuguese striker has scored 13 consecutive home goals and is second only to La Mariano Martin (18 times) and Sala (14 times) in the history of La Liga.The last time Ronaldo failed to break in Bernabeu was 360 days ago.  After changing to the center, Cristiano Ronaldo got more opportunities to display his header. In the case of Deportivo, Cristiano Ronaldo’s heading height reached 0 when he broke the goal.75 meters, the header of this campaign also fully demonstrated the superior waist strength of the Portuguese forward.After receiving Marcelo’s cross, Ronaldo’s powerful header went straight into the dead end.Cristiano Ronaldo’s shot was extremely efficient in the first 45 minutes. All 4 shots were shot and scored 2 goals.It is worth mentioning that this is Ancelotti’s 100th goal in Bernabeu after coaching Real Madrid.  In the game against A Coru?a, Ronaldo scored a header and his left foot (2 goals) completed a hat trick. The hat trick in this campaign was even more perfect.In the 80th minute of the game, Ronaldo broke through the penalty area and was tripped by Pasalik behind him. Ronaldo changed the penalty on the right foot this time, and he still easily broke the goal. The header and the left and right feet broke the goal successively, allowing the Portuguese striker to complete the perfecthat trick.After two penalties, Cristiano Ronaldo scored three penalties in the last two games, but after joining Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo took 51 penalty kicks and only four penalties lost, with a maximum efficiency of 92%.Messi scored 43 goals for Barcelona but scored 43 goals and missed 11 goals. The maximum efficiency is only 79%.  Completing the hat trick can’t achieve Ronaldo’s satisfaction. Bell made a direct pass in stoppage time. Ronaldo broke into the penalty area and shot and broke the goal. It may also become the first and only player in the top five leagues this season.This is also the third time the Portuguese striker has completed his fourth senior career. A few of them were against Santander on October 23, 2010, and against Sevilla on May 7, 2011.Nine goals scored in 4 league games, C Ronaldo surpassed the La Liga scorer list, or the player with the most goals in the top five leagues in Europe, and even more terrifying, C Ronaldo even exceeded the number of goals in La Liga’s 19 teams except Real Madrid.Of 17.  Within a week, he scored 8 goals in 3 games and scored 7 goals in 2 games within 3 days. Ronaldo’s condition was amazing.After wearing hats for 4 consecutive days, Cristiano Ronaldo has worn hats in La Liga 21 times, Real Madrid is wearing his hat for the 25th time, and his career is wearing his hat for the 28th time.Di Stefano and Sara, the most frequented La Liga in hats, are only one away.After wearing the cap again, Ronaldo surpassed Villa (183 goals) in the La Liga historical scorer list and tied the 10th ranked legendary scorer Sandy Lana.If this weekend’s away game against Villarreal, Cristiano Ronaldo will surpass Sandy Lana, ranking tenth alone.With 186 goals in 167 games, Cristiano Ronaldo is the least played among the top 30 players in the history of the La Liga.  With such an outstanding performance, Ronaldo said calmly after the game: The coach rotated some players to give them a chance to rest, which is why I came to play No. 9.I do my best for Real Madrid. This is the most important thing and makes me very proud. As for other things, I don’t care.There is a horrible state on the court, and keep a low profile outside the court. What else can you ask for Ronaldo?(Obail) Extended reading: La Liga-Real Madrid VS Elche 5-1 reversal Bell tied C Ronaldo’s four yuan