First0534chapter Catch the thief
Looked at the stab wound on the wound that was not removed,Dong Yixuan feels a little scared,He asked quietly:“You just got hurt?”
“A week ago!There are four guys by night,Grab money with a dagger,I was beaten away,I didn’t expect that I was also injured”Xia Jian said calmly。?Eight?One Chinese Network? ㈧.?8㈠1?Z?㈠.?COM
Dong Yixuan heard this,Asked excitedly:“Can you tell me about the situation?I really want to hear”
Xia Jian smiled and said:“I have many stories,If you wanna listen,I can tell you all,But you have to let me go,It seems a bit impolite to do this”“
“ No way,I have to tie you,As for not letting you go,Depends on my mood“When Dong Yixuan heard Xia Jian say this,The nerves tensed immediately,I feel a little scared。
Xia Jian took a breath,I took my own experience over the years,I told Dong Yixuan from beginning to end。He knows with affection,Move with reason,While telling the story,Teach this unruly rich kid from the side。
One hour passed,Two hours passed,Until after twelve o’clock at night,The door to Dong Yixuan’s room just opened。Dong Xuanxuan and her mother sitting dozing off in the sand,Hurriedly stood up。
“never mind,He is reflecting on himself,I have to go“Xia Jian said,Turned and walked out the door。
Dong Jianlin paddling a wheelchair,Xun blocked Xia Jian,He said very sincerely:“Xia Hao,this late,Don’t leave,We live in many places“
“Forget Uncle Dong,I will come again in a week,Don’t relax and exercise during this time“When saying this,Xia Jianren has left the door of the living room。
When Dong Xuanxuan catches up,Xia Jian has opened the door。Just when he was about to go out,Dong Xuanxuan shouted:“Wait for me?I will drive you off“
“No need!I’ll take a taxi and go there,You should rest too“Xia Jian said,Did not stop。
Dong Xuanxuan chased to the side of the road,Said quietly:“What are you doing so fast?Didn’t you steal something from my house?!“The police are the police,Even joking,I also made jokes about the thief。
“Let’s go back!I didn’t steal anything,I’m afraid of stealing your heart“Xia Jian said,Turned and got into a taxi。
Stole my heart?Standing on the side of the road, Dong Xuanxuan, who recalled this sentence, suddenly understood the meaning of this sentence,She couldn’t help but feel hot,Not to mention,Although it’s the first time Xia Jian met her,But left at once,She’s still a little bit lost。