Liao Wenjie:“……”

What do you understand??
“Mr. Liao’s skill,I want to do what I don’t need to borrow my black tiger.,But Daxie does not report,Ambitious,Please give me a chance。”
“Ok,I will accept my business card.,But let’s talk about it first.,I am looking at your filial piety.,Otherwise it will not be charged。”
Shangshan Honglian,I saw the eyes of the eyes.,I have a good time to choose a flash.。
Turned to see the laughter,And Dead Fish Eye Conan,Liao Wenjie pockets the business card:“Although some small conditions,But I didn’t lying.,Don’t know what far hills and leaves。”
For the initiative to send the door,Liao Wenjie refused,Simple reason,The other party is a member of Yamaguchi。
Don’t look at the mountain group, now the scenery is infinite,Hand covering the sky in neon,Folk deterrence far super official violent institution,It should be the old saying,Thirty years of river three decades,Now they are more crazy cool,There is a lot of miserable。
Thirty years later,Eating soil。
A small advertisement, a member of the community that is hungry,Will make a sense of spirit,Have big brother investment milk tea shop,Every day smiles,Can’t fight back,Not in the mouth。
The most divided,Many communions are poor,No car,I have to rush to the school playground when I travel.。
More than the white means,When you hack people, you encounter traffic lights.,Stop to wait patiently。
Remember,Or neon pot,Economic and non-economic growth,Malignant cycle,In the curse。
The aging in the mountain group is also very serious,Many big 佬 a year old,Because there is no money to pay a house rental water charge,I have to re-enhance the chopper。They didn’t hold it when they were young.,Nowadays, now,Tubes begin to leak,I have to equip diapers to keep dignity。
But the words are coming back.,When wearing a diaper,They are no longer an ordinary big 佬,The festival and dignity in the world and they have no more than half of mega,Don’t have a little nostalgia。
“Mr. Liao,It is pleasure to chat with you,I still have something to do.,Talk to you next time。”Express and tears,She is a businessman,I don’t want to have too much involvement with Liao Wenjie.。
“Say,Next time you must。”
Delivered to the enchanting posture,Liao Wenjie shook his head,Even if there is no contact information,Where is next?。
never mind,Just hosted this chicken rib is not suitable for wings,It’s scattered.,Waiting for Fu Zhipor to arrange a stupid。
“Help,It looks like it is.。”
Connone shook his head,Holding shoulders,A vhen people with a love expert。
Because the high people are too short,Tianling cover again encountered an impact。
“Stinky boy,Take a show for a long time,Do you forget something??”Liao Wenjie reminded a sentence。
Conan is in a head of his head,Half-awaited turning,Watching a beautiful big sister,I forgot that there is still a strange one in the boat.。
This time is an accident,Next time no。
Chapter 280 You are a strange kid
Connone will go to the road,Fall back。
Because of the child’s identity,He just went to the blockade area,It is outside the door.,The Sino-Sen Police Department, also hammered a punch。
I used to use the identity of Mao Li Xiao Lang and a criminal scene.,Today is not good today.,Look at the beautiful big sister time too long,More than Maori Xiao Lang lost,Even how many of Maor Lan can’t find。
“Ugh,Be too unlucky,Why is I am so small?。”
“Conan little brother,You are seven years old,Small a little is normal,There is no such trouble after ten years.。”
Liao Wenjie comfortable,Swift:“If there is,I can’t do it too.,I hope that Xiaolan doesn’t mind.。”
“Hey,Since you know that I am seven years old,Don’t tell me some inexplicable words.。”
Conan crazy,When you are depressed,Suddenly I saw Mao Li Xiao Giro、Sino-Sen Police and other police officers walked into the banquet scene,Talk to Suzuki friends。
“Wen Jiege,There are more people there.,We have passed!”
Conan sells Meng,Children do things all kinds of flat,He needs a mature and reliable adult。