How can we improve the quality of couple life?

How can we improve the quality of “couple life”?

First, to maintain a heart that loves each other first, you must maintain a heart that loves each other.

Many people are caused by chai oil and salt, life trivia, and the love of husband and wife is slowly weakening. This is not advisable. You must find ways to maintain and manage your love. Imagine if you evenThe interest in seeing each other is lost, and how can we talk about other things?

Second, we must care, understand, praise the other side to learn to care about each other, to the wife, husband and cold, let the other party feel your affection, to learn to praise each other, to know that you can get the wife, the husband’s praise, praise and praise, and the other party is even moreExcited, confident, and motivated, full of confidence in life, and will be handy for couples’ lives.

Third, both husband and wife must maintain a good mood not to provoke each other to be angry.

Being angry not only hurts the body, it will hurt the feelings between husband and wife, so it is less irritating to the other party and learn to be happy. Only if you are in a good mood, everything will be fine. If you are in a bad mood, even if you are married, you will be sloppy.Happiness is lacking.

Fourth, more romantic days have been created, and it will be boring to do things in good things, so from time to time to create some romance, increase the passion and freshness, you can also change the location of the couple’s life, not the kitchen, bathroom, the bathroom, the hotel, etc., the wife’s underwear bra should be prepared more, often replaced, this will also enhance the interest of men.

Five, multiple transformation posture and posture Most people will know how to change position, increase interest and pleasure, but there will still be a lot of people and husbands and wives, from one posture to the end, it will be difficult for both parties to get satisfaction, slowSlowness also loses interest in the husband and wife life.

Six, kiss more, touch each other even if you kiss each other in peacetime, touching each other will also make the other party excited, feel your love, when you are married, you should kiss more, touch each other, do the foreplay,Some couples don’t even have a foreplay. They come straight up, so it’s hard to get pleasure, so doing a foreplay is the key to improving the quality of life for couples.