Washed my face,People are also sober,Xia Jianyi sit down,Jin Yimei said straightforwardly:“President Xia,Tomorrow’s bid,May be a bit troublesome,According to the current market value of prime land,There will be a big gap in our funds“

Xia Jian’s heart trembled,But he didn’t move,Instead, he took the Golden Land plan from Wang Lin,I frowned and read it twice before saying:“The current market value of Golden Land is indeed very high,150 acres of land,Calculated at 400,000 per mu,Also need six billion“
“Yes!We raised all the funds,Only 500 million can be used,This one billion gap,It’s hard to get together during the short period“Jin Yimei said worriedly。
Xia Jian took a breath and asked Wang Lin:“What was the transaction price of this golden land at that time?“
“200,000 per mu“Wang Lin said without thinking。
Xia Jian thought for a while,Hehe smiled and said:“Five hundred million is enough“
Wang Lin and Jin Yimei looked astonished,Even Old Xiao sat up straight,He asked a little worried:“you sure?Talk about your reason,Let’s analyze it together“
Wang Lin poured Xia Jian a glass of water,Speak softly:“You drink some water first!”
Xia Jian took the water glass,Took a sip and said:“The transaction price of the Golden Land was 300 million,If you press the current market,Not more than six billion,But the government has express regulations,It is not allowed to raise the price of this land,So we took advantage of this loophole,As long as it is higher than their cost price,Let them earn money,It’s not necessarily who is high,Whose land belongs to”
Old Xiao nodded,Ask Wang Lindao back:“Tomorrow’s bidding,Does anyone from the government supervise??”
“I heard that the city government sent someone to take charge of this matter,Because the matter of the golden land has been sued up,The government also wants to get this land out as soon as possible,After all, not built for many years,Affect the cityscape”Wang Lin opened the notebook in her hand,Took a look and said,I can see that her work is very meticulous。
Xia Jian stood up,Moved and said:“So be it!You go back to rest,Arrange for Fang Fang to pick me up,Mr. Wang and Mr. Jin brought Dragon Ball to the bidding site first,Draw out bids from our other two companies,Only keep the bid of 300,000 per mu from the venture group,Let Heiwa and Zhang Sangui,Take some people to stay outside,just in case”
Old Xiao didn’t say a word,Just nodded silently。
Xia Jianyi fell down,And fell asleep happily,When he wakes up,The sun is in the room,He hurriedly sat up,Look at the watch,It’s already past nine,One hour away from the standard time。
When it comes out,Fang Fang was sitting in the car waiting for him。
“You know the address!”Xia Jianyi got in the car,He asked straightforwardly。
Fang Fang smiled and said:“Not far,More than twenty minutes’ drive,I have to wait in the car when I go early,Anyway, ten o’clock on time,lsAt the time of bid opening,I let you sit on the seat of our entrepreneurial group。
at the same time,The 18th floor of Haitian Building,lsIntegrated conference room,Is already a tense atmosphere,lsThe total plant and deputy plant are all in place,It is rare,There may be many people who don’t know this gringo。