Beijing Changping District sealing Tiantongyuan North Second District and surrounding merchants have enabled 23 isolation points

People’s Network Beijing November 2nd (Li Bo) Today, Beijing held a new type of coronary virus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work in the 254th press conference.

Beijing Changping District Committee Standing Committee, deputy director Yang Renquan introduced the work measures taken. One is to lock the control high risk personnel overnight. According to the requirements of "side streaming, side lock, side transport", immediately form a disease control, public security formation working group, to conduct abruptly traceable sources of diagnosed cases, make full use of informationization and large data sheets, accurate locking high-risk personnel and point .

All towns, community villages in the whole district, 24 hours, and immediately act immediately, speed up the efficiency of information, and settlement to the first time. As of 10 am, on November 10, there have been 364 new cases, and 14 secondary secrets have all been implemented, including 79 people in the nucleic acid detection. At present, there are 3,517 management close contacts in Changping District, and 991 secondary close contacts have been implemented. The second is to quickly carry out key crowd screening. In order to start the nucleic acid test plan, 80 medical staff in 2 hours, set up 5 sampling points in the community, and 40 groups have been launched overnight.

According to the principle of individual mining, priority test, prioritizing 279 residents in the confirmed cases, and the results are negative. Completed nucleic acid detection of the whole community in the night, a total of 9,083 people were sampled, and 6437 outcomes have been produced, and the results are negative, and the remaining results are reported.

Synchronous collected cases, a total of 40 samples in units of cells, 15 in the home are positive, and the rest are negative. At 8 o’clock in this morning, the nucleic acid testing of the Tianbei Street has set up 19 sampling points, and more than 1,000 staff members are put into staff. The third is to immediately seal the key area.

In accordance with the principle of strictness, sealing the Tiantongyuan North Second District and surrounding merchants, personnel can only enter, suspend business, strengthen social surface management, and refine living service guarantees. It is based on nucleic acid and environmental test results, accurately delineates the "three districts" range. At the same time, the diagnosed cases are killed in the area of ??the confirmed cases and the location of the unit, and the area is 500 square meters. The fourth is to strengthen the reserve management of isolation points.

At present, Changping District has enabled isolation points, 4336 isolation housing, and with the further increase of this concentrated isolation, in the support of brothers and other brothers and other brothers and other brothers, there are multi-channels to dive and add new. 4 of the hotels, 750 rooms, and doing a good hotel reserve.

Establish "two inventories" at each isolation point, continuously strengthen normalization management.

The first list is "Operational Point List", standardizing the work of personnel control, health monitoring, garbage disposal, environmental testing, final killed, and resolutely avoid cross-infection.

The second list is "Special People’s List", learn more about physical psychological conditions, past history and special needs, etc.

The fifth is to continue to strengthen social control.

Combining big data positioning with "Knocking Action", accumulating the housing of Harbin, Heihe, Jiujiang and other key regions into Jingjing staff, all of which have all been implemented. Suspension of the cinema screening in the district, close Le Duang Fantasy Paradise, from the strict consolidated hotel wedding banquet, conference forum and other activities, minimize personnel gathering. Strengthen the card scan code temperature registration, check 421 key point thermometer, replace it, and prevent equipment failure.

Carry out the lack of business places, "look back" inspection, strictly defense privately, currently 303 chess rooms in the whole region, 52 "Sheraton" life museum is all in shutdown. Yang Renquan said that the next step will adhere to the "external defense input, internal defense rebound" does not relax, strive to win the second, continuous operation, quickly grasp the stream trace, nucleic acid testing, isolation control, etc., lock the risk, find the risk point, tube To live in the risk zone, block the virus spread at the fastest speed, minimize the risk of diffusion, and ensure the safety of the people and health. (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.