86 old communities in Wanyerlin District, Taiyuan City began to be transformed

  It is involved in 457 buildings. On June 14th, several old community renovation projects on the Dawang Road in Wanbulin District were synchronized, and the cable entered, and the management network transformation and other projects were close.

This year, Wandalin District has launched 86 renovation of old communities, involving 457 buildings, 20,000 households. In order to improve the urban human environment, enhance the quality of urban construction, since this year, Wan Bilin District has fully promoted the renovation of the old community, and guarantees the quality and progress of the transformation, supervising the supervision and supervision, so that more and more community environments It has been significantly improved.

According to reports, this year, in accordance with the principle of "concentrated connectivity, non-repetitive investment" and "Huimin, Leimin", it plans to use 3 to 5 years, concentrated on 334 old communities in the whole district, involving More than 110,000 households, 2201 buildings, 8.9 million square meters. Reconstruction content involves roads in the community, supplying water, power supply, gas supply, heating, communication, security, fire, greening, lighting, walls, etc. In order to speed up the construction progress, the Wanbilin District Chuangcheng Command held at least an old residential remediation dispatching meeting, and timely strengthen information interaction and docking collaboration, improve the basic governance experience and management level. At the same time, actively coordinate the relevant departments, determine the clearing time of the Qing Dynasty, and ensure that the old community renovation has produced daily production day, do the utmost to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment and the mass life. In addition, the Wan Berlin District Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Government Supervision Office will establish a linkage work mechanism, and the department, township, supervision unit is not in place, etc. High quality construction, fast rhythm advancement. (Xu Fangwei, Guo Yao).