Tips for girls to discharge to men

Tips for girls to discharge to men

The mysterious attraction between well-known men and women, Monica, a psychologist at the University of Webster in the United States, points out: “Funny is the innate nature of mankind.

Teasing can help men and women to highlight their strengths as much as possible to attract each other. One can test the feelings of both sides, and the other can increase their attractiveness, so as to capture the heart of each other, so that they can have a chance to start the love.

“” Teasing itself is a kind of thrilling behavior, because people will be happy and happy because they have charm.

And because women are inherently more sensitive than men, generally the woman sends a provocative signal first and controls the rhythm of the whole provocative action. The man is usually the passive one.

“This provocative process is called” discharging “,” it feels like an electric shock “, and” calling “means that there is a feeling.

  Maybe many women think that beautiful women are often full of power and very attractive to men.

In fact, although appearances play a very important part in attracting the opposite sex, there are other ways to enhance their attractiveness: choosing appropriate environmental bars, cafes, dance halls and other public places is a good place to meet the opposite sex.

The dim lights in the venue can make the outline look better, soft music helps to create a romantic atmosphere, and strong music can make people feel more open and enthusiastic.

  Those who know how to “discharge” and release “signals” are more popular with both men and women.

Experiments have shown that taking women as an example, if 35 “courtship signals” are issued in one hour, they can attract the attention of four men on average.

However, it should be noted that the signal cannot be the same when sending the signal, and the mode must be constantly changed.

  Outstanding clothing dresses Ladies should apply a little fat powder to make themselves more visible in the crowd, while men do not prevent them from showing their social form with a straight suit or mature clothes.

  Appropriate eye contact uses the “window of the soul” to communicate. It is an extremely important part of the “discharge” process. It is best to maintain eye contact for one or two seconds, because too long will make you feel uncomfortable, but too short and easyNeglected.

The eyes that refuse to return can best catch the eyes of others.

  For the right conversation, try to open each other’s boxes with a more humorous sentence.

Personalized content can touch your own education or simple background, so as to find common ground with the other party and increase the intimacy of each other.