Maybe Liu Chunlan’s kick was a bit strong,and so,Lin Feng’s expression is obviously ugly。

Lin Yuner has obviously noticed this change of Lin Feng。
Lin Yoona quickly put down the bowls and chopsticks in her hands,Then came to Lin Feng’s side,Asked caringly:
“father,what happened to you,Is something uncomfortable??”
Lin Feng looked at Lin Yoona who was nervous,She also stretched out her hand and patted Lin Yoona’s hand a few times,Then comforted:
“It’s ok,Yoona,you do not need to worry,Dad is not sick。”
Lin Yoona obviously doesn’t believe it,She looked at Lin Feng suspiciously,Looked at Liu Chunlan again,Then said:
“But father, the way you were just now,It’s not like nothing happened!father,What happened to you,Don’t hide from me,Is there something wrong at home?,It’s ok,You say it,We all solve it together。”
Lin Feng sees Lin Yuner being so stubborn and asking,There is really no way,He stood up directly from his seat,Then slowly came behind Lin Yoona。
Push Lin Yoona back to her seat again and sit down again。
Lin Feng said to Lin Yuner:
“Yoona,Do not worry,Dad’s health is very good,Really nothing uncomfortable,and so,You really don’t need to worry,and,Nothing happened at home。”
“Do you forget it?All the bad things that our Lin family has always done,Only from the Lin family in the provincial capital,And just a few days ago,Haven’t we solved this problem thoroughly??”
Lin Yoona knows that Lin Feng is right,But just now she obviously saw Lin Feng’s expression with a trace of pain。