This black lake is really strange,Getting closer,The more distracting,Even Lu Menglin could hardly suppress the killing intent in his heart,Take a closer look,Good guy,Even the Dragon Battlefield is not right。

I saw the red eyes of the Dragon Battlefield,As if ready to do something with people anytime, anywhere。
But Tu Shanming has straight eyes,Confused,His eyes are as pure as a child。
Lu Menglin looked at something wrong,Flick your fingertips,Shoots two light lines energy,Instantly sink into the two of them。
“Great!I almost said!”Long Zhanye was shocked,Wake up from anger,Sweating all over,Surprised。
Tu Shanming’s eyes also returned to normal,Shook his head:“This place is so weird!I’ve always wanted to sleep since my fucking came!”
Lu Menglin said solemnly:“The three of us walking together,Don’t distract,This black lake can affect people’s minds,Must be careful。”
The three approached the lake cautiously,Walked to the beach,Lu Menglin firmly inserted the first locator into the ground,Switch on,The green light flashes on the locator immediately,Show is working well。
The three went around the beach again,Walked to the other side,Plug in another locator,Then rewind to another test,Plug in all three locators。
According to the words of the mysterious woman Glacier in the inner circle,Just start all three locators,The main brain on the core circle will calculate the position of the locator ,Then mobilize all the floating warship permissions,Bombarded with main battery energy。
And this locator also has a very special function,Is to limit the energy of the main gun within the attack range,The effect of causing multiple concentrated attacks。
This is also why Lu Menglin feels that this method may kill the evil god of Gupan。
The main guns of the floating battleship are powerful,Bombarded,Can even blow up half a mountain,Concentrate the power of the main guns of hundreds of floating warships,One shot into the soul,No matter what super creature,Instantaneous vaporization,It’s hard not to die。
but,After installing this locator,Lu Menglin and the others are facing the biggest problems,How can I escape under the bombardment of a ship。
Because they are too close,The ghost knows that a hundred guns are fired,How much area will the power range cover,There is no precedent for this kind of thing,Naturally it cannot be estimated。