Lu Menglin is right,There are two kinds of friendship in the world,One is the friend of gentlemen who don’t talk about interests,Just get along,Just be happy,There is also mutual support,Integrity is strong,There is no problem in either state。

Friend to friend,The maintenance of friendship requires mutual contribution,If it is always a single aspect,Then this friendship cannot last。
“but,Let Xueba work hard,Is it too aggressive!”Lu Menglin chuckled。
Liu Taosheng hasn’t reacted yet,Zhu Xiaoguang has already tasted the meaning of the words。
“Boss Lu,Any chance of getting rich,Take a few brothers together!Let’s take the name of the poorest dormitory in history, right??”Zhu Xiaoguang smiled loudly。
Lu Menglin’s heart,Don’t look at this Zhu Xiaoguang usually careless,Always like to be the boss,Actually this kid has a keen mind,Best smell opportunity,Really worthy of a mess
People who have crossed the rivers and lakes。
“Ok,Xiaoguang is right,I do have an idea,Everyone can do something together。but.”Lu Menglin deliberately sold it,Smiled。
“But what?Our dormitory group,No need to say anything,Everyone is loyal,Good character!Mr. Lu, please say it happily!We promise not to spread。”Zhu Xiaoguang had an idea to make money,Jump up and down with excitement,Where is it stable。
“Ha ha,It’s late,Or sleep first!Don’t forget everyone,What is the purpose of our coming to university?If it’s just to make money,I won’t come。”Lu Menglin smiled。
This remark,None of the people in the dormitory said anything。Actually, I don’t need to remind Lu Menglin,They all know,Why do you want to go to university,Why should I study this law major。
About earning money during school,It’s more fun for everyone,Maybe apart from Xu Taosheng,No one really takes it seriously。
“Tomorrow,I have to prepare something,Find someone again,Lunch time tomorrow,We go out to eat,Have a good chat then。Go to bed now!”Lu Menglin stretched,I stopped talking after saying it。
Have played late enough,Ensuring sleep is very important,Lu Menglin doesn’t plan to stay up all night like himself in the previous life。
It seems everyone is really tired,402There was a snoring sound in the dormitory soon,One after another,Like a pigpen。
Noon the next day,402A few people from the dormitory arrived as scheduled,Everyone came to the entrance of the cafeteria。