“The environment here is pretty good……I thought the boy who lived alone,Are relatively sloppy!did not expect,Still well maintained……”

Jiang Wan’er looked around,Nodded affirmatively。
“are not you tired?tonight,what would you do?”
Fang Yu wondered。
I went to dinner tonight。
Jiang Waner,Go back to Jiang’s house?
That won’t work!
Now this situation,Going back to Jiang’s house is trolling yourself!
“Why don’t you take me to dinner……It’s just a meal anyway!”Jiang Wan’er smiled。
“You are not afraid that others will continue to misunderstand?By the time,It’s really not clear!”
Fang Yu worried。
“You feel,Can you explain clearly now?”
Jiang Wan’er gave Fang Yu a blank look。
This guy,Seems to think too simple。
Now father’s side,Sure to get angry。Fang Yu,It’s still time to eat and drink,I don’t know how my father will deal with Fang Yu!
Fang Yu knows。
Now this situation,It’s the same with or without Jiang Wan’er。