“The methods and treasures he left,The purpose is to cultivate some peak Taoists,Against the eternal race。”

Indeed,A pinnacle Daojun is definitely not an opponent of the eternal race,But kill some Taoists of the eternal race,It is even possible to kill some weak emperors。
Eternal race,After all, the population is too small,Not every generation has a peak Daoist born!!
As long as we continue to cultivate generations of eternal emperors,Reduce the strength of the eternal race,Even if the god pupil is satisfied。
“let me see!”
“World-level little guy,Tut,Less than a chaos era,It’s still a broad road like Zhendao,But have realized the strongest way。With his talent,Is indeed qualified to be trained by the master。”
“but,The little guy called Araghen,Although I understand the strongest way,And is the edge,It’s a pity that it is only the strongest way。”
“Although Cheng Dijun’s grasp is slightly higher,But even with the help of the owner,The probability of success in Hedao is even higher!”
“By contrast,It’s better to grasp the task of Master Daojun to complete the master!”
“It seems,I have to guide that little guy into the core hall of supernatural powers。”
First35chapter Divine pupil’s guidance
Li Ming’s unexpected discovery,Under the guidance of an outside force,He directly separated an incarnation,Appeared in the hall。