“will not,He is not such a person,”Flying wolf hasn’t said yet,Fan Tianlei said at this moment。

“We don’t have a gangster in the Iron Fist,I’ll be anxious with you,I tell you。”
Fan Tianlei’s mentality of protecting the calf,Even if Qin Hao joined the Iron-Blooded Blade,That’s also the soldier from his iron fist group。
Question my iron fist,Are you questioning him??
“Thor doesn’t mean that,Don’t worry,”Leng Feng persuaded。
“all in all,See what he does next,We can’t help him。”
“If he really sacrificed,I led the team to destroy it,”Flying Wolf gritted his teeth and said。
They have not led the team,I just don’t know who leaked the news,Whenever they set off,The poisonous scorpion is hidden。
Once the danger is detected,Return directlyyThe country’s base camp,Make them helpless。
“I hope he can kill the scorpion in one fell swoop this time,”But they hope that this time the news will not be leaked out。
Because if the news gets leaked out again this time。
It can only mean that at least one of them is a traitor。
Chapter Nineteen Iron and Blood Blade Base,future technology
“Brother Hao,What did they tell you?So mysterious?”
Once out,Huang Xiaoding got together。
“Nothing special,Something happened to my house,Need to take a one-month vacation。”