When Wang Youcai was about to go back,Suddenly the door of the main house opened,Song Fang came out from inside。She laughed and said:“Since it’s here,Then come in!Since I have a clear conscience,Why sneaky”

There is nothing wrong with Song Fang’s words,But take a closer look,Wang Youcai can’t help it,He let go of his pace and walked in。It’s not Longtan Tiger Den,What is he afraid of。
Open the curtain and step into the upper room,Wang Youcai discovered that there was no one in the room。He turned around and asked:“How about the two of them?”
“The boss went to live with her second child in the city,I have two more guests here,So can’t go away。Besides, I have to go to work tomorrow”Song Fang smiled slightly,Said softly。
Wang Youcai knows Song Fang’s greatness,So he is always careful with this woman。Now when I heard that older brother and second brother were not there,So he turned around and left。
“You sit down first,I have something to tell you”Song Fang saw that Wang Youcai was leaving,He quickly said something。
Wang Youcai was stunned,But still sitting on the sofa。There is a fire in this room,Feel very warm。Song Fang walked to the fire,I stabbed the fire first,Then I took out the tools for making tea。
“do not!Can’t sleep with tea at night,Just say what you have”Wang Youcai’s face was cold when he said this。Song Fang was taken aback,Put the tea leaves back。
Song Fang glanced at Wang Youcai,Sat gently on the chair,Then he sighed and said:“Old man just discharged,Your brothers shouldn’t make such a fuss”
“Humph!Do you think I picked it up??But don’t pretend to be a good person here,Maybe this is what you are doing”Wang Youcai’s words are extremely blunt,Doesn’t save Song Fang any face。
Of course,Song Fang is no ordinary woman,She will never endure Wang Youcai’s reprimand。She pretended to be like this today,Naturally has her intention。
Song Fang looked at Wang Youcai again and said:“Don’t always think other people think so badly,Actually, I don’t love it from beginning to end。I just heard your elder brother and your second brother talk about your family should still have silver dollars”
“what?What a bastard。Since you know this,Then we should protect our old Wang’s secret。Because once it gets out,The trouble is big”When Wang Youcai said this,,The tone has become a lot easier。