“fair enough。”Although I have my own judgment,But Andy still agrees with this opinion,After all, prepared,As for whether it’s because of strict wife control as other guards have said。Ok,Andy the mighty warrior won’t answer。

“What is the beast tide?”Wright, who was listening to his parents’ conversation, suddenly asked,The adoptive father on one side showed a face“Again”Emoji,And the adoptive mother explained with a smile:“Wright,Do you know the three major Jedi in the mainland?。”
Lei Feature nods,I heard the adoptive father mentioned,Answer with a tender voice but a mature tone:“I heard from the old man,Three Jedi,It refers to the three most concentrated areas of monsters in the Magnolia continent,We are close to the Warcraft Mountains and connect the southern end of the Warcraft Mountains,Sunset mountain range from northwest to southeast,There is also the dark forest in the north of the Magnolia Empire,These three places gather more than 95% of the monsters on the mainland。”
“Yes,The Three Jedi is actually the gathering place of Warcraft,You also know that the growth and reproduction speed of Warcraft is very fast,Every year, many little monsters are born,More and more Warcraft,When the resources in the three major Jedi can no longer afford so many Warcraft,There will be a Warcraft Riot”Adoptive mother Nicole said to Wright seriously,“Wolf disaster at the northern end of the Warcraft Mountains,There are ants in the central and southern regions。Rat Surge in Warcraft Forest。Why encourage fighters to enter the Three Jedi experience?Not just because experience is the best way to improve,It also weakens the power of Warcraft Riot!”
Seeing Wright thoughtfully,Andy and his wife looked at each other,The child I adopted is indeed very mature and intelligent,There are many problems,Just like those scholars in big cities,There are so many small questions now that I don’t even know,A wife who has received noble education should answer,Although I have a headache,But Andy is still very happy,After all, it’s like a new year,Andy also knows that many times he has mastered knowledge,Doing things is much easier than using brute force。But children are so easy to learn,Do you want to send him to be a student for a scholar?But will this be a waste of this kid’s excellent talent in warriors??!It seems that there is an overly good offspring that also suffers from pain。
after awhile,Wright, who was already slightly sleepy, yawned,Was returned to the room to sleep。
Andy and his wife are still talking in the hall。
“Nicole,I’m thinking about whether this kid is so smart or not to send him to be a scholar,High status,No risk。”
Wife surprised to answer:“Andy,This kid is very talented in warrior,It’s not difficult to reach level 6 fighters,and”,Nicole lowered her voice at this moment:“If he becomes a scholar,Nalady and their husband and wife hatred。。。Our strength is completely impossible,I can only count on this child。”
Andy, who is usually cheerful and free, has a very decadent face,The same deep rhetorical question“We can’t help it,What can this kid do!Don’t forget who the enemy is?Although this child has a high talent as a warrior,But if you want revenge, even your Cape family may not be able to do it,Unless this kid can reach the eighth level fighter,And even if the revenge is successful, 80% of them won’t survive,Why don’t you tell him about his biological parents?,You can live a lifetime easily by being a scholar!”
Nicole sighed,Silent for a long time,“There is another way,Let this kid test the gift of magic,Maybe there is a chance。。。”Speaking of which,She can’t talk anymore,How rare is the talent of a magician,Besides wanting revenge,Even if you are a magician, you must have a very high talent to grow up,It’s better to count on Wright’s achievements in fighters。
Andy:“Talk to him next time,If this kid can become a magician,Also pretty good。”
And Wright in the bedroom,Ears moved,Turned over,Seems to have heard something,It seems that I haven’t heard anything。
Chapter Six Dreamland
Wright opened his eyes in confusion,Struggling to get up,I found myself in a room I had never seen before。The room is narrow but very long,Rows of chairs,The surface is covered with a layer of unseen material,Soft as animal skin,But more comfortable。For some reason Wright has a strange sense of familiarity with this strange environment。