Zhao Chunling is also welcome,And sat down generously,Started breakfast with Xia Jian。Just at this time,Sambo woke up,She kicked her feet and burst into tears。

Ma Yan smiled and said:“My girl is caring,She woke up every time I was about to eat,It makes you can’t eat a bite of hot rice”
“Then you eat yours,Leave her alone,Let her cry if she loves to cry!Children cry longer and faster”
Xia Jian smiled and said to Ma Yan while eating breakfast。
Ma Yan snorted:“You can do it!This kid just needs to cry,I will be scolded to death by four old people。I have been scolded by my mother once,And one with your dad,So I’m tired now,I won’t let them scold”
Zhao Chunling eats fast,She leaves as soon as she finishes eating。Xia Jian wanted to give her off,But she said with a smile:“you are welcome!The car in our town shouldn’t be in a hurry,Let’s talk slowly when we have a chance”
When Ma Yan jumps off the kang,Zhao Chunling has run away without any figure。Ma Yan looked back at Xia Jian and asked:“You said you were going to town to find Tong Jie,What are you looking for?”
“Didn’t Chen Erniu say that when he was drinking last night??There is a new rural construction project in our town。I want to talk to Tong Jie about this。Because the new rural construction in the future is a trend,If you can get this item,It’s also a good thing if you start a good start”
Xia Jian put down the bowl in his hand。
Ma Yan smiled and said:“Really have you,Have a little wine with a couple,You can also take advantage of business opportunities,Seems to be almost perfect”
“Hi!In business。Now a group company,There are so many people below,You have to let them do something all the time。You know this in your heart today,Don’t go outside and say”
Xia Jian told Ma Yan,Walk towards the door。
Ma Yan whispered:“I’ll go if you go,”
Xia Jian drove Bao Shijie and appeared in Pingyang Town**In the compound,The old man at the door knew Xia Jian,He smiled and said:“Boss Xia!Your car is so beautiful!You stop here,I will wash for you”
“Good old man,I’ll lean aside”
Xia Jian stopped Bao Shijie to the side of the gate,Then he jumped down。He took out a pack of cigarettes from the small bag and gave it to the janitor。Uncle’s happy face is like a flower blooming。