Chapter 279

I am also shocked by her.。
“breeze,You said that if your apple will eat three times??”
When Qin Xue said,I have already felt that the body starts to become hot.。
I heard the question of Qin Xue,Li Hui is also a glimpse,I immediately asked:“You won’t eat three times at a time.?”
“Yup,I haven’t eaten two times before I haven’t feel.,So I have eaten three times.。”
“Forehead,You wait a moment,I will give you a look.,Soon。”
Finish,Li Hui is directly hanging up the phone,Then I ran the car toward the Apartment of Qin Xue.。
At this time, Qin Xue is already a feeling that I can’t stand it.,Going directly into the bathroom flushing。
More and more time,She also feels hotter and hotter.,Even in the pores are already outdoors。
There are some little cleansing, she sees this scene, it is rinsed with the bathing liquid over and over again.。
She even thought of bubble in the bathtub.,But I think I have a big aunt.,Can only increase the water flow,Constantly rinse。
soon,She heard the knocking of Li Hui Feng.,She also directly allows Li Hui to enter the house.,Then wait for her。
Li Hui Feng did not expect Qin Xue at night, no anti-lock door.。
Enter the room,He has a little concern:“Are you OK?”
Qin Xue in the bathroom looked at the oil that he had incurred.,Some uncomfortable roads:“breeze,What is the things that my body go to the wind??
Why is it clean?。”
“Oh,That is impurities in your body.,If you have any discomfort?,I just call me.,I am waiting for you at the door.。”
“Oh oh。”
Qin Xue heard Li Hui Feng in the house,Somehow,The heart is a lot of practice.。
But she rins more than an hour.,When I found that my hair was started out of the pores,I can’t help but feel some of them.。
“breeze,are you still there?”
“Here I am,rest assured,I have been guarding you here.,Is it a rare?
You are insisting,As long as you have the last bed of this paragraph,You will definitely be shocked.。”
Qin Xue did not expect that Li Hui Feng actually so understand。
But thinking that Apple is Li Hui, let her eat.,Li speaks from the wind or not understand,That is a strange thing.。
Time has been continuing,When you are in late,When Qin Xue is exhausted from the bathroom,Li Hui is also a distressed, waiting for her at the door.。
Li Hui also did not think that this apple’s effect will last so long.。
Qin Xue has just takes a jade foot,I can’t help but fall forward.。
Fortunately, Li Hui’s eyes are fast.,Directly support each other。
“Snowman,Are you OK?”
Although in the bath towel,But Li Hui still feels the exquisite skin of each other.,Soft feel。
“I am so tired.。”