10 good ways to fully absorb nutrients

10 good ways to fully absorb nutrients

At present, many people are paying attention to the nutrition in the diet and even calculating the nutrient content in the food.

However, even if these have been done very well, most people have found that there is no relative progress in physical changes, or they can’t gain weight.

The reason is that what you eat is not absorbed by the body.

  For fattening, it is very important to let the food that is eaten replaced and effectively digested and absorbed. The following points should be noted: 1.

Changing the source of protein The most unbearable thing for bodybuilders is to eat the same food every day.

First, it will cause malnutrition for the first time, because any kind of food does not completely contain complete protein. For example, chicken breast is very low in some essential amino acids, such as branched-chain amino acids, which is very good in building and maintaining muscle circumference.important.

Because of the lack of a certain kind of food, it will also affect the absorption of other amino acids, so it will cause decomposition. Because you lack some amino acids, the body sacrifices some muscle cells to break down and break down certain essential amino acids.

  Almost as such, repeated eating habits can cause acquired food allergies. Every time you eat these foods, the body will consider these foods to be inappropriate sources of protein rather than nutrients.

  Change your recipes. If you get protein from a variety of sources, you can avoid any deficiency and the protein you are using can be fully utilized.


Eating less and eating more is easier for your body to digest and absorb. This way of using your metabolism is often active.


Avoid eating at midnight For a variety of reasons, some people eat a lot when they are late at night.

If you want to gain weight, such a habit will not succeed.

The body’s metabolic rate is highest during the morning and afternoon periods, and most of the nutrients are digested and absorbed, which is also in this schedule.

And the protein you eat at midnight can affect your sleep quality.

  Allocate your food intake so that 75% of your calories are consumed before the evening.


About 30 minutes after the essence of on-time eating, your body needs to consume about 50-100 grams of sugar. At this time, the body absorbs sugar like a sponge, which is more and more frequent than usual. If it is not added at this time,The protein in your body is converted into sugar to supplement the lost energy.

  In the 60-90 minutes after training, muscle cells will quickly take up amino acids. If no protein is taken to make amino acids at this time, the muscles will be broken down to provide the necessary amino acid source. Therefore, in the hour after training, 20 should be taken.-40 grams of protein that provides amino acids to muscle tissue for repair and growth.


Cooking foods are different because of cooking methods. The nutrients in foods can vary greatly. Improper methods can reduce vitamins and minerals in foods and destroy proteins.

  Try to cut the food as soon as possible, so as to avoid food dehydration and nutrient decomposition.

Vegetables can be cooked as long as Microsoft is cooked. If it is cooked, add a minimum amount of water.


Learning to use supplements with vitamins and minerals is best served with three meals a day, as it reduces stomach upset and is easier to digest and absorb.

And a small number of times to take the best method.

It is also better to take amino acids and protein together.


Chewing is the most important process before chewing food is decomposed and digested.

Insufficient chewing can reduce digestion efficiency, causing indigestion and flatulence.

  Try to eat in a relaxed atmosphere, eat small, chew a little.

It is very effective for fattening.


Most people who drink water will feel that their body is full of water. This is wrong, because the less you drink, the more the body will save every drop of water stored in the body.

Moisture is very important for the metabolism of adults, the digestion and absorption of proteins and the operation of organs, but drinking too much water during eating can interfere with the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

  Add carbonated drinks and try to avoid adding them together with meals. These drinks can replace and neutralize stomach acid.

Other beverages, such as coffee, may cause the body to excrete some minerals.
In short, no drink can be better than water for you.

Eat natural foods to avoid treated and delicate foods. These foods are generally rich in a large amount of aunts, sugar and sodium, and many vitamins and minerals have been destroyed.

The canned drinks sold on the surface of fresh fruit and vegetables are all sterilized by high temperature and treated manually, and their nutritional value is greatly reduced.