Decisive "four one", build new information

Ziyang District, Ziyang District, is Yiyang’s mother city, from Qin Ping County, has been more than 2,000 years. In recent years, the Ziyang District Committee and the District Government have established the development strategy of "Project Region, Industrial Strong Zone, Urban Xing District, Business District", which clearly "one park (with the provincial-level Economic Development Zone Changchun Open area as a platform Specialty park construction), one city (with the construction of the old city renovation in the shanty household), a lake (with the development of urban and rural development in the Huangjiahu area), all the way (the construction of the infrastructure construction in traffic construction) "economy The battlefield, focusing on building "vitality, beauty, civilization, happiness" new information. Do a strong "one park" to create a specialty park. Adhere to the development, misplaced development, initially formed the provincial Jingkai District Changchun Economic Development Zone as the leading area, the electronic industrial park, the new material industry park and the food processing park, which is based on electronic information, new materials, The development pattern of "one district three gardens and four industries" dominated by the 4 major industries of equipment manufacturing and food processing.

In 2017, Changchun was opened in 134 provincial-level industrial parks in the province, and the first province is in the province, the first, and successfully enlisted the advanced ranks of the province’s industrial park. The Electronics Industry Park became the only PCB industry base in the province and the "concentric garden" jointly established by the Minjin Hunan Provincial Party Committee.

Secretary of Australization was successfully listed in the Shenzhen Exchange, realizing the breakthrough of zero sales enterprises on the motherboard, and created the highest record of a single IPO project in 2017. "The Bet of Israenze" is a prototype, and the "taste king" has become the first brand of Chinese green fruit. Changchun Jingkai District rumor "one city", fully stimulate ancient city vitality.

Successfully introduced the big man group and the far-retrieval, explored a "mass autonomous, agreement" shed "Qianyang model", Hunan Province’s first shantytown renovation and house collection work on site exchange will be held in Qianyang, and For the sole shed modification of the province, the provincial government has received 40 million yuan of special support and the long-term low-interest loans of the provincial countries in the provincial bank, and the contract, compensation and relocation of 21645 homot homes have been completed.

The State Council Development Center, the Ministry of Housing and Construction and 20 counties have come to investigate or investigate exchanges, and the news media such as China Construction News has conducted a typical report.

Develop "one lake" and strive to coordinate urban and rural development. Adhere to high starting point planning, high standard construction, and focus on building Huangjiahu New Area into urban and rural depth integration, infrastructure improvement, reasonable industrial layout, reasonable modern innovation and upgrade, and the province’s revitalization demonstration zone. Royal Lake Tourist Resort has successfully created a national wetland park, national water conservancy scenic spot and freshwater fishing. Introduce Yiyang Lejia Tourism Development Co., Ltd., invest hundreds of millions, build Yunmeng Fangzhou Tourism Resort, Dongting Lake Ecological Museum, Water Park and Color Flower Arms Built, and strive to create a new landmark in Zhongnan. According to the "1 + 8" work ideas, the "New Hunan, New Country, New Model" is positioned as the development, take the boutique route, promote the development of the eight administrative villages of Ziwei Village and the surrounding villages, and strive to build "Da Ziwei Village" Become a "rural revitalization model village", driving each township key to build a provincial-level beautiful rural demonstration village, gradually forming the overall pattern of the whole domain. Successfully held Hunan Yiyang First Dongting Lake Ecological Culture Tourism and Water Sports Festival, the first ecological civilization green development forum, the first ecological agricultural smart village Internet conference The beautiful villages in Xiyang District expands "all the way" and fully improve the infrastructure. In accordance with the "Outside the Channel, the Inline Network", the transfer of transportation construction will be promoted.

Total investment billion yuan, the Northern Tibet lines in the five townships have been built in a year and a half, and their construction model, promotion speed and engineering quality have created "Qianyang Miracle." Changchun West Road, Jinhuahu West Road, Zijiang East Road, Baiman Mountain Road, Sha Tou Zijiang Bridge, Xi’an Bay Bridge officially opened to traffic, Chang Chang Expressive and Happiness Canal Toll Station Reform Expansion Project is fully completed. More than 300 kilometers of new rural roads, Huanghuhu Road, Huangjiahu Road, the most beautiful rural road in Hunan Province, urban and rural public transport carry capacity has been steadily improved, and the "last kilometer" of urban and rural transportation networks. Unblocked agricultural water conservancy network, accelerate the reinforcement of the embankment and the construction of "five small" water conservancy projects, promote the pilot project of democratic 垸, and update a group of small and medium-sized pump stations such as Wang Jiawan electric board, urban and rural flood control capacity further improved.

To create beautiful rural and promote "river long system" as the starting point, vigorously promote brightness, sequencing, greening, purification project and change water, to the toilet, all district realized two of rural domestic garbage classification processing and domestic sewage concentration All coverage, the penetration rate of rural health toilets reached 85%, and the penetration rate of rural tap water is%, the rural appearance is new, the masses have a comprehensive improvement of happiness.

Through vigorously implementing "four one", the Ziyang District has effectively promoted the economic and social development of the district. The main economic indicators in the forefront of Yiyang City in the past seven consecutive years. In the five consecutive years of performance assessment, three One, 1 second. It has been obtained in national forest cities, national health cities, national garden cities, national ecological construction demonstration areas, provincial-level beautiful rural creating work, advanced counties, the province’s economic fast forward county, the province "comprehensive well-off promotion before ten counties" and other honors title.

"Chen Jingbin, Secretary, Yiyang City, Ziyang District Committee.