22 colleges and students in Chongqing, 22 college students, next year, will be "playing games" next year.

  In the early morning of November 7th, in the League of Legends S11 Global Finals, China Team EDG won the 2021 Global Final Championship, this news instantly slammed all online social platforms, once again set off a "electricity tide". In recent years, with the rapid development of the electrical industry, many colleges and universities have opened electricity majors.

In Chongqing, there are also many higher vocational colleges to open an electronic competitive professional. School-enterprise cooperation opens electrical competitions to meet the growing e-sports market professional needs, Chongqing Media Vocational College Digital Media Academy has opened an e-sports and management professional, and launched enrollment work in the fall of 2019. The first batch of students will be next year. graduate. Yang Rongxi, the relevant person in charge of the college’s electrical competition, introduced that the global energy is warming, and the electricity has become a lifestyle of young people. In 2017, China’s electronic competitive market has reached 100 million yuan. With the expansion of electrical users, the industry has continued to develop rapidly, and the new industries (such as events, live platforms, etc.) derived from e-sports sports, and the overall market scale is expected to exceed 50 billion yuan. As a new type of industry, the market demand is huge.

In June 2019, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security said that only less than 15% of the electronic competitive position is in a state of human saturation. Yang Rongwei is also an electrical industry practitioner. Open an electricity professional school.

"The first batch of 22 students graduated next year 2019, Chongqing Media Vocational College E-sports and Management Professional first enrollment.

"The first batch of 31 students were recruited, and 26 people were recruited in 2020, 32 this year.

"Yang Rongxi introduced that after the first enrollment is over, there are some parents who don’t understand." E-sports is playing games ", come to the child to transfer professional, so only 22 students in 2019 graduated next year.

  In the face of parents, Yang Rongxi usually introduces relevant information such as talent gap in electrical cell industry. At the same time, some electricity industry on some recruitment websites is more recruiting parents to intuitively feel the employment prospects, treatment, working environment, etc. of the electrical industry.

  In addition, the electrical bid industry is the emerging industry, and the requirements for education are relatively harsh. "Electricity is based on projects, and even more personal abilities, rather than academic qualifications, more opportunities for college students in specialty colleges. .

"The new semester begins, and 22 students in 2019 have begun to participate in the school internship.

Tour Kawako, a mobile phone company in the Yubei District, told reporters. "My internship content is promoted, and I started to choose to play the game, but later, I also did a lot of homework, I learned In addition to the professional players, the electrical competition industry has a referee, explanation, behind-the-scenes planning.

"When I fill in the volunteer, I was also against my parents. He took the understanding of the parents.

"For graduation employment, Toykawa felt that as long as practical experience is sufficient, there will be no big problem, establish anti-addiction mechanism to make parents to rest assured that e-sports management professional is a teaching student to play games?" Of course not! "Yang Rongzhen introduced that the electrical competition as an emerging industry, like the sports industry, in addition to the competitive game itself, there are many courses to learn, in order to ensure that the students engage in the e-sports industry, in addition to the e-sports athletes, there are event planning managers, The club operator, electricity marketing manager, venue operation manager, etc. Situation. There is also a feature of electricity to internationalization. It not only requires English to pass the English to pass, but also understand the professional terms, but also understand the customs of different events.

  At present, the professional courses opened by the Chongqing Media Vocational College mainly include electronic competitive sports live technology, e-sports program production, e-sports comments and solutions, e-sports reports.

  At the same time, in order to let the parents are relieved, the professional has also established anti-addrescal mechanisms, teachers through teaching system terminals to monitor students’ use of abnormal students, communication, and ensure reasonable and effective use of teaching training equipment reasonably. Eliminate the occurrence of fatty phenomena. As the school-enterprise cooperation profession, students will participate in many electrical competitive projects after entering school, thereby enhancing professional skills.

"During this time, I took the students to participate in the CODM (Mission Summon Mobile Tour) Project Chongqing Finals, Warm Cup Chongqing League Finals, Peace Elite City Finals, etc., so that students will be responsible for different cases The referee, explanation and other work will further feel the electrical competition.

Yang Rongzhen said.

  It is worth mentioning that the school e-sports sports and management professional 2019 students have all received the second-level and three-level certificates of the electronic competitive referee by the State Sports General Administration. "After graduation, we will also investigate the employment situation of this year, and will form an employment survey report, and people paying attention to the electrical industry more intuitively understand the prostitute of the electrical competition." Yang Rongzhen introduced. (Chongqing Morning News Journalist Wang Bizhu) News Link Chongqing Multi-China Higher Vocational College opened with an electricity professional Chongqing Longmen Hao Vocational School in 2018, the school became the background of the Olympic Games, the next situation in the computer On the basis of application, prepare e-sports majors, in order to promote the development of Chongqing e-sports sports, cultivate e-sports professionals. Chongqing Transportation Vocational College School Public Utility Management Institute opened electricity (e-sports sports and management) Adapt to the multi-dimensional, multi – level, composite high – quality skill technology talents in the development of electronic competitive industries and the management of electrical and competitive enterprises. The college relies on Chongqing Zhaoxin Education Research Institute, Chongqing Fire Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd., Chongqing E-sports Education Center, and Building an Electronic Sports Motor Laboratory, from the actual perspective of theory, with market demand, open electrical competition Industry position demand core courses, adopting school-enterprise cooperation, theoretical combination of practical models, providing guarantees for students’ employment.

  Chongqing Building Technology Vocational College School Environmental Arts Institute opened electronic competitive sports and management, 2021 professional enrollment plan number 55.