Others don’t care,Ye Chi is his worst enemy,Because he is very familiar with the opponent’s strength?

“Don’t you always pursue a fair environment?,how,I like this way of fighting now?”Xia Chenglong showed disdain,Say casually。
“Xia Chenglong,This kind of no-nutrition stimulating method works for me?”Ye Chi snorted coldly,“It’s too easy to kill you,So I want to see you being tortured by others,Oh,rest assured,You will die in my hands in the end。”
Others say something like this,Especially in front of Xia Chenglong,Meaningless。
But this guy is different。
Ask god,It is definitely a realm where this world can truly reach the sky in one step。
As a former master of asking the gods,Xia Chenglong naturally knows the stakes inside。
What is asking the gods?
There are mountains, waters and everything in the world,Have destiny and control destiny,That is god。
God is a legendary existence,No one has seen it but exists。
And the road to cultivation is the road to becoming a god。
This is a very difficult process,Asking the gods is to pry into the heavens,Able to chase the existence of the gods。
Well known,Artistic conception is the foundation of the strong,Everyone’s mood is different,When it has reached a certain level,Will break away from the changes in the fate of the world。
So under the power of my own artistic conception,Absolute domain control can be achieved。
This kind of power will make him go along his own path,Achieve one’s own god。
But Fanhe“God”Word-bound,It is definitely a very cowhide existence,Because they have left the public。
There is no such thing as a few ranks above the gods,Only the upper, middle and lower realms,Want to rise in this state,It is much more difficult than entering the holy realm from the first rank to the fifth。
If it is middle to upper,That’s the gap from the fifth-rank to the ninth-rank entering the holy realm peak,Or that the gap is bigger。
So the opponent has enough control ability,Everything he says may become reality in the future。