Damn!So free and easy!Could it be that ethnic minorities failed。When Xia Jian was looking at these people,The bald head suddenly looked back at Xia Jian’s table,Just listen to him laughing:“I haven’t seen a few beauties all the way,So all the beauties are here!”

It’s a good thing to be praised,But this word came out of this person’s mouth, Xia Jian didn’t feel like listening。as expected,I heard a guy with yellow hair next to his bald head say:“Big brother,There should be beauty if there is wine and meat,I went to talk,Let them come over for a drink with Brother”
Xia Jianyi listen,I couldn’t help but chuckle,He is not afraid,But I think there are so many things to eat out with these women,And in this restaurant,It’s already happened once,Is there something going to happen today?。
Just when Xia Jian was thinking about it,Huang Mao has come over,This guy is so tall,Even the face is a horse face,Can be said to be ugly,Very impatient。
Huang Mao approached,First, I read the women on Xia Jian’s table,Then he smiled and said:“Yo!Beauty meeting?You see, we don’t have one at any table,The three big men lacked a bit of fun when eating,Can any of you come with me??“
“Neuropathy,do we know each other?“Zhao Hong is furious,She slapped the table and roared。She said,Everyone who asked the restaurant to eat looked over here。
Unexpectedly, this yellow hair has a thicker skin than the city wall,He laughed and said:“Once again,Second cooked,I used to drink two glasses together,Isn’t everyone familiar??“
“Please go away,You may be wrong“Ouyang Hong said politely。She might be afraid that Zhao Hong will make things worse。
at this time,The bald head shook his body and came over,He patted Huang Mao and said:“Go aside,I can’t handle a few women“This guy speaks very arrogantly,He didn’t put Xia Jian in his eyes at all,Feels like he is transparent。
Wang Lin glanced at Xia Jian,Picked up a chopstick on the table,Xia Jian has a look,This woman seems to be doing it,How can he let a woman do it?,This is Xia Jian’s principle of life。
Xia Jiangang moved her body,I didn’t expect the bald head to shout angrily:“You kid, sit still for me,Uncle, I’m very gentle with women,It’s different for men,You will see blood as soon as you shoot“
This guy’s voice is like thunder,Shocked the people in the restaurant,Everyone looked at here in a daze。
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