Finally, there is this layer of ideas.,Previously doubts all solved,only……Chu Deirers think about their own,It seems that the nature is completely changed.?

“You are……sisters?”Chu Deirers suddenly feel,I seem to have a lot of trouble.,One treatment is not good,In the future, I can only go to Wudang asking Zhang Zhen people still lack of not lacking.。
Moon,I know that the Chu Deirers should have completely recognize their identity.,So directly open mouth:“Boy,It seems that you already know……Actually my sister,I did that kind of thing,That will not give me any other woman again.!Otherwise, no matter what the county、What a woman,You see one of these 婢婢.、I killed one,See two、I killed a pair.!”
Murong Jiu Wen,Sudden anger——You are a few?
But just want to open,Xiao Jiujiu quickly switched up,Don’t give Murongjiu resilience。
“Master!”Xiao Jiujiu wants to sell Meng。
“Humph。”This is found in the moon,But just a glimpse of Xia99——Just look good later,She did not recognize the post,What if I dare to seduce my sister?……Just kill!
However, the pity is obviously not completely clear.,See the moon,Immediately said:“elder sister!You don’t want this way!”
Inviting the month, don’t dare to confidence,The eyes are full of anger——Can you coexist with those?Are you still my sister??
Pity, although it is afraid,But still reluctantly say herself:“At least……Sister you……is allowed!”
“What did you say?”Invitation of the moon,Skin is transparent,Kernel“Luminous”As is like a jade。
Pity in the heart is very afraid,But thinking that my sister is in order to fulfill myself.,That’s it,It will be strong,Eye circle、Hard scold:“Even so……I also want to be with your sister.!If your sister must not be willing,I can……Just look at you aside!”Said that the skin is transparent,Entering the Ming Yushen Battle Form。
Invitation month, finally understand,For my sister, I actually want to match myself and the Deer people’s behavior.……It is difficult to do not violate!
Stupid sister.!
I didn’t want you today.……
Pity also also taking courage,If it is for your sister、And anti-sister’s words……Fight!
Chu Dee people completely touch the situation,But I feel what I should do.,So I shout:“Hey!Don’t fight again.!”
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 524 Peerless battle
Emei unknown mountain valley,A world war in a shocking martial art,Expand in the absence of bystanders……
Just only have four people,But even the weakest one,Get the outside is also the second!
Still have bystanders,One bird monkey,Anxious“Bustard”Call,Unfortunately, I can’t insert my hand.,And the monkey is excited to go straight,The ratio of the mobilization of four people,But for now it,Obviously it is too difficult to。
Originally, invitation month and pity star,At this point, you will only《Ming Yucheng》Eighth floor,Different from Chu Deirens,Moon《Ming Yucheng》Cultivation,It is a matter of service and the best,Either a thorough understanding、Either transform into your own shape——Cultivate to the eighth floor,On behalf of the eighth floor, there is no secret to her.,Even only one《Ming Yucheng》Eighth floor,Invitation month, I have already standed before the door.。
Compared to below,Pity is also《Ming Yucheng》Eighth floor,And also feel that I have to the limit,The next step is to break through the ninth floor,However……
Pity, even break through the ninth floor,I am afraid it is not the eighth floor of the moon.,Invitation month once,Basically, the rhythm of 叩 天!
The strength has a gap,And the martial arts of the pity,All are the moon,The same is exactly the same as,Naturally, the advantages of the moon are also larger.。
However, the Chu Deiren saw these two sisters.,And listen to pity this meaning……Probably because yourself?
So the Chu Deirers dare to do what they want to fight,Unfortunately, the gap between strength is too big.,Even if the Chu deer will respond to the return,Also dismantled, no two people,Even after intervene,I almost invited the moon lock throat several times.——Directly pinch。
And see Chu Deirers are dangerous,Xiao Jiujiu is also unable to place,I quickly shouted:“Master!Don’t play big brother!”
Compared to usual Murongjiu,Xiao Jiujiu said is still a woman’s habit,and……Schainth when you start,Also released the binding of the chest。