Good and bad self-test

Good and bad self-test

Please answer the following 15 questions truthfully according to your actual situation, then calculate the score against the score statistics table, and then look at the score decomposition, you will know whether you are good at making friends and how popular you are.

  1. Have a good time with your friends, is it because: A, you find them very interesting, both love and play?

  B, friends like you all?

  C, you think you have to do it.

  2. When you are on vacation, do you: A, it is easy to make friends B, I prefer to spend time alone C, I want to make friends, but I find this is not an easy task 3, when you arrangeA friend, but you feel very tired, but you ca n’t let your friend know about your situation. Are you: A, I hope he will understand you. Although you did n’t go to B with your friend, try your best to make an appointment and try to makeHave a good time C, went to a friend, and asked him if you want to go home early, would he mind 4? How much longer can your relationship with friends last?

  A, usually there are not many years B, when there are things of common interest, they may stay together for a few years C, usually not long, sometimes because they moved elsewhere5, a friend told you a very interestingPersonal question, do you: A, do your best to prevent others from knowing it B, have never thought about passing it to others to listen to C, when a friend leaves, you will immediately ask someone to discuss this issue 6, when you haveWhen you have a problem, are you: A, usually feel that you can cope with this problem B, ask the friend you can handle for help C, only find the friend 7 if the problem is very serious, when your friend has difficulties,Do you find: A, they will come to you to help B immediately. Only those friends who have a close relationship with you will come to you. Usually, the friends will not bother you.The person B you already know can be C on various occasions. Some of you can make friends after a long period of observation, consideration, and maybe even experience some difficulties. Among the three qualities here, whichOne you think是Your friend should: A, the ability to make you feel happy and happy B, reliable, trustworthy C, interested in you10, which of the following situations is most suitable for you, or close to your actual situation: AI usually make friends laugh B happily. I often make friends think about C seriously. As long as I am present, my friends will feel very comfortable and happy11. If you are invited to attend an event or sing at a partyAre you: A, excuse not to go to B, participate in C with interest, and bluntly declined invitation 12 on the spot. To you, is this true?

  A, I like to praise and praise my friend B. I think honesty is the most important thing, so I often have to hold a different opinion. I hate parrot C. I do n’t flatter but criticize my friend13.Do you find that: A, you just get along well with those friends who can share your sorrow and joy B. Generally speaking, you can get along well with almost everyone C, sometimes you even get along with youIndifferent, irresponsible people can get along14. If a friend pranks you, do you: A, laugh with them B, feel annoyed, but do n’t overflow with words C, you may laugh, or you may get angry, which meansYour emotions 15, if your friends want to rely on you, what do you think?

  A, it doesn’t matter to a certain extent, but I still want to keep a distance with my friends and have a certain degree of independence. B is very good. I like to rely on others. I think I am a reliable person. C, I am cautious.To avoid some of the responsibilities that I may have to bear 1, A3 points B2 points C1 points 2, A3 points B2 points C1 points 3, A1 points B3 points C2 points 4, A3 points B2 points C1 points 5, A2 points B3 points C1 points 6, A1 points B2 points C3 points 7, A3 points B2 points C1 points 8, A2 points B3 points C1 points 9, A3 points B2 points C1 points 10, A2 points B1 points C3 points 11, A2 points B3 points C1 points 12, A3 points B1 points C2 points 13, A1 points B3 points C2 points 14, A3 points B1 points C2 points 15, A2 points B3 points C1 points Analysis of results: 36-45 points You are very good to the friends around you,You get along well.

Moreover, you can have a lot of fun from ordinary life.

Your life is diverse and full. You are likely to have some prestige among your friends, and they trust you.

In short, you will make friends and your popularity is very good.

  26-35 points Your popularity is not very good, your relationship with your friends is not strong, sometimes good and bad, often in a state of ups and downs, which shows that you really want others to like you and want to make moreSome friends, although you make great efforts, others do not necessarily like you, and friends may not feel relaxed and happy with you.

Your situation will only change if you stick to your words and deeds, listen to those loyalty words, treat your friends sincerely, and learn to treat people correctly.

  15-25 points is too bad!

You are most likely a lonely person who is not active and cheerful, and likes to be alone.

However, all this does not mean that you will not make friends, nor can you arbitrarily say that your popularity is poor.

First and foremost is that you are not interested in social activities and people-to-people relationships.

However, please keep in mind that if you live in society, it is impossible not to associate with others. Recognizing this, you will actively improve your way of making friends.