Civil aviation travel is v word back to Qingming holiday hotel reservation hot

  China Network March 11th, recently, the Civil Aviation Authority released civil aviation related data during the Spring 2021.

This year, the Spring Festival is characterized by "pre-low and high", and the latter half of the Spring Festival (February 17 to March 8) 20 days of civil aviation transport passengers 24.66 million passengers, which increased significantly from 2020, down by 2019.

At present, domestic routes have returned to the level of 2019.Not only travels, the hotel reservation in two weekends after March also reflects the trend of tourism, Sanya, Xishuangbanna, Wuxi, Linzhi and Lhasa and other tourist cities in China enters the forefront of the country.

According to where the data is displayed, as of March 9, the Qingming holiday hotel reservation quantity increased year-on-year.

  (Wu Ge Shangbi).