But how can the boy spare him?,This person should be the chief culprit of destroying the defense formation, Mu Yun,Can’t keep him,Since I couldn’t kill Dongfang Ruiqing,But it’s okay to kill another dog,At least I can see Li Tan’s most true thoughts。

The teenager’s whole body reignited a raging flame,The blazing sun behind has left the body,Flying into the air suddenly spreading around quickly,Actually blocked the broken gate,Then a series of golden fireballs flew out of it。
Mu Yun, who was already embarrassed by a fireball, suddenly saw a series of more fierce fireballs.,Uncontrollable pupil shrinking,Liver and gallbladder,The thoughts in my mind flashed away。
He suddenly became fierce,Body straight up,The blazing sun at the gate is finally waiting for the chance to kill,Released the most terrifying move,Called Burning Heaven,A round of halo and shadows rolled down,Muyun can’t stop,Nowhere to hide,Hit the halo directly。
Chapter one hundred and eighty four Oriental Shake Pot
A huge flame burned half the sky,Mu Yun just died like this?Seems too easy,Although the teenager is extremely exhausted,But still insisting on staring at the flames slowly diminishing,Until it disappears。
Mu Yun is indeed dead,Although he is also a strong god,But not as powerful as a teenager imagined,If there is no Tianzun in the coalition army,,The first person deserves to be Dongfang Ruiqing,Mu Yun can barely make the top five,But the ability to fight in battle is weaker than its strength。
Kill Mu Yun,Not the boy’s original idea,Actually before being awakened by Elder Qi today,He is still dreaming about how to make a batch of spirit stones,The most likely action is the sneak attack on the Liu Family of Lingyun Pavilion。
Who expected a sudden change in the situation,Dongfang Ruiqing can’t help but hit the Five Elements Island,Although most of the elements of temptation,But the so-called while you are sick,Kill you,This group of real power figures in the coalition are almost all thinking like this,Bad response,Five Elements Island will be wiped out in a trial。
When I heard that the big formation was broken,Qingtong died in battle,The boy knew there was no way out,Especially the violent nature of fire will more or less affect the personality of the practitioner,Only by practising the tranquility-like mind or stepping into a higher level can it be gradually suppressed。
Huo Tianzun has almost no substantive teaching to young people in divine power,And in the memory of the Holy Spirit,More shining with accumulated wisdom,It is relatively difficult for teenagers to participate in research,So it’s difficult to suppress the fiery temperament。
On the ground before the bell mouth,The boy once wanted to kill all the coalition forces in one fell swoop,A warning to Li Tan and Brahma in one of the most ancient and cruel sacrifices,But in the end, the simple nature still slightly prevailed,Only a handful of those thousands of soldiers and soldiers were burned to death,More people walked through the ghost gate between the thoughts of the teenager。
in a moment,The young man takes second place,Killed Dongfang Ruiqing and Muyun,It can also warn Li Tan and Brahma,Killing is not heavy,Can achieve the same effect。
How could Dongfang Ruiqing be slippery?,He ran away even after being hit hard,Mu Yun didn’t have that kind of luck,The scorching sun Jinzhu, who has been ignited by the teenager, finally came in handy,I am afraid that the young boy still does not know the power and horror of this bead,Its status in ancient times is not inferior to the chessboard in the hands of the holy emperor,So Muyun’s death was not wronged。
Although the young man has no strength to participate in the next battle,But there are a few huge horn-shaped armors hanging in the sky.,But more shocking,In addition, the main force of the coalition led by the surname Fan is like a bereaved dog running for life,This thing, like an infectious disease, has affected more coalition forces,So the scale of the coalition rout is getting bigger and bigger,Finally defeated。
There was even a runaway who witnessed the whole process of Mu Yun being killed,So rumors abound in the fleeing army,Fleeing has become courageous,Race running,After the sea of fire released by the Five Elements Base Armor disappears,Clouds appear again,It has become a spectacle that the soldiers fighting for the clouds。
Under the sign of the teenager,The Wuxingdao Islanders chasing from all directions finally gave up the cover up,After nearly half an hour you vie for me,Most of the coalition forces escaped from the Five Elements Island,Hundreds of people did not escape,Li Yun and the elders have long run out of patience,Order to close the door,So there were still prisoners in this battle。
But after that, many lagging coalition forces emerged from every corner,Unity is gathered,Escorted on the main peak square,Below the breakdown,The number is close to 1,000。
Elder Qi quickly presided over the repair of the gate,Although Lingshi is extremely scarce,But the gate must be repaired,No room for maneuver,So the last batch of reserve spirit stones were all used up,I just barely finished the repair。