Originally planned to end at eight o’clock,I didn’t expect it to be completed at 7:30。In order to ride the fire,Xia Jian asked Accountant Chen to come up with the pre-prepared contract,Here comes an on-site office。

This can be sloppy,So after the whole thing is finished,It’s nine o’clock。At the banquet,These bosses are happy。There are only two bosses who didn’t grab the land,Xianli is extremely unhappy。
One of the bosses named She found Xia Jian,He cried and said:“President Xia!I’m fromGZCome to your northwest,It’s not easy。Now everyone has grabbed the ground,But I am empty-handed!You have to take care of this”
“President She!You are too conservative,Why not start early?I think you think too much!”Xia Jian laughed and said。
Boss She thought about it:“You are a bit right。But I figured it out now,At the symposium just now,Your leader here told us,You need to repair the airport here。But also a lot of municipal facilities,Do you see if i did it?”
“In addition to the factory, President She,What other industry?”Xia Jian asked seriously。
Boss She said with a smile:“Opening a factory is my side business,My main business is to have an engineering and construction team of more than 200 people。From engineering design to construction completion,My staff is complete”
“OK!Then you leave your business card,There should be business between us”Xia Jian said with a big smile。
Boss She left a business card,Then entered the banquet。Such a result is really unexpected,During the toast,Xia Jian asked Guan Tingna to add weight to these people。That is, you must start making money the next day。
Busy all day,Everyone is very tired。Wait for these big guys to stay in the hotel,Xia Jiancai brought Guan Tingna and Bai Li into Yao Junli’s office。
As soon as everyone sits down,Xia Jian held a small meeting for them。At the meeting, Xia Jian told everyone about the loopholes that appeared today.,And tell them how to make up。
After that, Xia Jian told Chen Lan again,Get her ready to collect。After arranging these tasks,It’s eleven o’clock,Xia Jian quickly let everyone go home and rest。
He is too tired to move,I took a rest in Yao Junli’s room that night。the next day,Under Guan Tingna’s supervision,Some of the bosses who signed the contract began to let their company start making money。At the end of the day,Only two companies did not pay。
I found out after a dozen questions,The companies of these two bosses are not doing well,Funds are a bit tight for a while。Finally with Xia Jian’s consent,The two bosses’ money will be delayed for a week.。
in the afternoon,Xia Jian Chartered Car,Let Guan Tingna and Bai Li take these bosses out for a long time at several scenic spots in Pingdu。
at night,Xia Jian hosted another banquet to entertain these bosses。Because these people’s tickets were booked in the afternoon of the next day。
To leave these bosses satisfied,the next morning,Xia Jian has chartered another car,Sent them to the airport in Bucheon。Guan Tingna was accompanied throughout the process,I’ve done it。
Sent away these big guys,Everyone is exhausted。To encourage everyone,Xia Jian gave them a vacation。
Xia Jian’s action,All on the local news。Several days,Local daily,There are also continuous reports on TV news。