“rest assured,I will never leave the manor,I just walk outside。”

Chen Xiu saw the butler with more than a dozen bodyguards.,Is to stop and say:“The manor is so powerful here,An Nan’s army won’t dare to come,You have to have confidence in yourself。”
The housekeeper thought about it,Over two hundred years,No matter how the Annan Dynasty changed,The manor has always been a restricted area,Outsiders never dare to step in。
“Well,We won’t follow you。”
The housekeeper should explain one more sentence at the end:“But you must not leave the sphere of influence within five kilometers of the manor。”
“rest assured,I promise to only walk around。”
766 Flying needle change
An Nan Country is located in AsiaRband,The location near Saigon is already close to the tropics,The manor is indeed planted with fruits that Chen Xiu has not seen in half of his life.,Longan、litchi、banana、Myrtle、Castanea henryi、Olives、Bayberry……
Longan、Lychee and plantain,Chen Xiu can barely recognize it,As for Myrtle、He has not seen Castanea henryi before,He is full of fresh surprises everywhere。
“No wonder everyone wants to live long!”
“No matter how long normal humans live, they are only a hundred years old。”
“There are so many places on this planet、There are too many novelties that can’t be appreciated for a hundred years!”