Baogong Cloud Innovation Creates Digital Platform Multi-Party Collaboration Crack SME Financing Puzzle

At present, the digital economic era has come, digital technology, innovative business models continue to drive the progress of social economic forms.

Under the new socio-economic ecology, financial services as an important foundation for social and economic development, need to be continuously innovative, and is being accelerated with the Dongfeng Acceleration of Financial Science and Technology.

Consumer Digital Finance and Industrial Digital Finance is an important premise of helping digital finance development. At present, my country’s industrial financial digitalization is in the ascending, which has become a must-fight.

Realization of new models of industrial finance is both opportunities and challenges for the development of companies on the chain.

For the chain enterprise SME Grasping, financial institutions cannot master whitening, making the customer’s depth operations are limited. Baidong Cloud Creation is a collaborator of the domestic leading independent AI technology platform, financial institution digital transformation, always actively explores the application of digital technology in the financial supply chain of industrial chain, adheres to technology driver, promoting industrial finance digitalization, and communication Sino-Small and Small Enterprises Equipment.

In response to the digitalization of the industrial financial digital, the industrial chain is difficult to succeed, and the Department of Baolong is engaged in the core enterprises, scenes and financial institutions, helping to build digital platforms, rapidly promote industrial finance, and empower industrial finance through digital platform Fast profit, and precipitate data, realize the financial supply side reform while meeting financial needs. Under the empowerment of the Yunchang Digital Platform, cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, block chain is chained in the chain of reshaping credit books, abandoned the credit books that depend on the government, core enterprises, and The traditional business dominated by manual operation is pushed to the line from the line, thus promoting the construction of the digital system of the whole industry chain, achieving the combination of production. It is worth mentioning that the use of the digital platform of the Department of Baoguang has achieved many benefits, enabling the core enterprises to achieve the results of the industry, and enable bank profitability. Under the digitization platform driver, the industrial finance has got a higher speed start, helping the company greatly reduces the previous input cost, and more intelligent models can help the customer manager to quickly and get the last kilometer. The innovative digital platform built by the Department of Baolong Cloud, fully released the company’s science and technology, from the technical side to solve the problem of multi-collaboration, trust costing, and the centralization of the industrial chain supply chain, providing a strong Powerful guarantees, built sustainable, trustful, benign circulation ecology. Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose to be cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.