Yoga fitness can make your life more “sexual blessing” _1

Yoga fitness can make your life more “sexually blessed”

Guide: Yoga fitness exercise can make your life more “sexual blessing” yoga, there are spiritual yoga, action yoga, etc. If couples are engaged in sexual life, with the action of yoga can not only enhance the love tide of two people, but also play a fitnessGood effect.
  Close your eyes and experience how to control your body in soothing music.
If you can do the same in sexual life, you can awaken the body’s ability to feel sex and experience more and more wonderful sexual pleasure.
World-renowned personal trainer Martin Feffer pointed out that practicing yoga can make your body flexible enough and have enough strength to better fit with the other side of sex!
  In India, the birthplace of yoga, an annual national sex survey report shows that most Indians use yoga in their sexual lives.
And some yoga exercises, such as beam angle (the feet are opposite to each other, bend the knees, use both hands to pull the heels of the feet close to the thigh roots), split-leg forward bending (the legs are separated as far as possible, the upper body leans forward, and the hands are as forward as possibleExtension) to enhance blood circulation at the hips and pelvis.
In yoga, there are also some exercises that work on the perineum. For example, after inhaling or exhaling, hold your breath and gently contract the anus and perineum.
  The yoga master pointed out that this is very similar to the only sex exercise written in textbooks in the sex science-anal levitation exercise. By repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles of the perineum and anus, the purpose of training the “sexual muscles” of the toes and tailbone is improved.Female vaginal relaxation and increasing male erection time can play a role.
  Tips: The abdominal breathing practice in yoga allows people to slowly learn a deep and slow way of breathing. This tranquility and smoothness can play a role in promoting mental concentration and let people get rid of the tension and irritability in sexual life.Realizing the orgasm of sex helps a lot.