David Lynch releases short animated film Fire with no lines throughout

David Lynch releases short animated film “Fire” with no lines throughout
Sauna Night News May 21, director David Lynch (“Elephant”, “Two Peaks” and “Muhland Road”) released his new animated short film “Fire”.This short film has been in production since 2015. David Lynch himself wrote the script, participated in the animation production and directed the shooting.The film has no lines throughout, and the soundtrack was written by Lynch ‘s old partner Polish-American musician Marek Zebrowski.David Lynch said that this short film is an experiment. He didn’t tell Marek his intention. The music was created based on Marek’s understanding of the picture.”The significance of the entire experimental work is that I will not explain too much. Marek will interpret the vision in his own way. This is a successful experiment for me.”” The picture comes from the highest network. During the outbreak, David Lynch also broadcasted the daily weather at home through his column “DAVID LYNCH THEATER”.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Li Lijun