But this time I was in danger,It was Hu Huiru’s ruthless trick。first,She spent a long time in Pingdu,She’s going to come here。There is another reason,Hu Huiru wants to pull out Manager Chen, who used to work in Donglin Township, for the Dongsheng Group。

Because she heard it when she came,The new female secretary of Pingdu City is called Female Bao Gong,This incident in Donglin Township,I’ll definitely investigate it through。No one is responsible,It must be hard to get through。
Xia Jian glanced at Feng Yan, who was a little pensive,Hehe smiled and said:“This won’t work,You still have important work to do tomorrow,Besides, you have been in the car for several hours”
Xia Jian’s voice just fell,With footsteps,Meng Jiucheng and Liu Zimin walked into the tent。The two greeted Xia Jian,Sat down separately。
Xia Jian introduced Feng Yan to the two of them,The three shook hands,Then a few words,No more words。
Xia Jianneng could tell,Feng Zimin looks tired,Obviously a little overworked 。He greeted Liu Zidao:“If you are sleepy,Just lie in bed and rest”
“No need to,I said I’ll do it alone,Director Meng has to come“Liu Zimin said,Take a look at Meng Jiucheng。
Meng Jiu grew up and said:“What happened to Dongwangzhuang,I’m on duty“Meng Jiucheng said,I picked up the flashlight on the table and walked outside the tent。This ginger is old and spicy after all,He is seeing Feng Yan here,A little inconvenient。
Xia Jian glanced at Feng Yan,Smiled and said to her:“Manager Feng,Let Secretary Liu take you down the mountain!Three of us are enough here”
Xia Jiandu has ordered a visitor,She would lose face if she doesn’t leave。Feng Yan stood up,Chong Xiajian waved his hand and said:“I’m leaving,Be careful at night,See you tomorrow“
Liu Zimin took a flashlight,Followed from behind,He is extremely reluctant to look at him。
First1972chapter Special mission
Inside a hospital in a neighboring city of Pingdu,Chen Feng lying in bed,There is gauze under my chest。The drip bottle at the bedside is still ticking。In accordance with hospital regulations,No more fluids will be given to patients at night。Because he was in a hurry to leave the hospital,So he asked his brother to say hello to the hospital director。
Chen Feng looked at the ceiling with both eyes,I really hate Xia Jian in my heart。I didn’t expect that he brought so many people,I still hurt in Xia Jian’s hands。Fortunately, someone took Xia Jian away,Otherwise, his life may be over。
He was looking for something to annoy Xia Jian,But he didn’t tell the truth to his brother,But that Chen Jian took the initiative to find him,Beat him in front of everyone。
Chen Jiang told him to call the police,But Chen Feng complained to his brother,Doing so will make their brothers faceless。Finally, under Chen Feng’s encouragement,Chen Jiang decided to use another method to retaliate against Xia Jian。