Li Tianzhi was surprised,Suddenly remembering that spirits are also creatures,Also has a soul,Has the nine infants in the body reached the point of pervasiveness??Since it has been suppressed,How can you still be aggressive?But guys with strong mental powers are really hard to provoke,versus‘Nirvana handkerchief’After playing,Li Tianzhi has a deep understanding,Can really be pervasive。

And the butler in the so-called ancient temple is so unhappy,Maybe it really almost broke something。
“Under what conditions,Only the limited consciousness can be liberated?”
“Where did you suppress that Jiuying??”
“How I came to this chaotic time and space?”
“Since you are ancient gods,Supernatural power,Why hide,Like a turtle?”
“Are you listening?I’m scolding you!”
Let Li Tianzhen yell,Even abuse,The big hand really shrank,No more sound,Li Tianzhen is getting angry,Just let go of the soul and hit the sky。
He wants to see what guys are hiding in this mysterious temple,do not forget,You so-called ancient gods live in Lao Tzu’s head,Don’t ask how you came,This is like a village in a city,Laozi is the prince,You tenants are very thick-skinned、Love takes advantage of social blind currents and low-level chaos,Not paying rent,Still so arrogant,How can there be such a truth in the world?
There was a billowing cloud above the sky,Large swathes of flash can be seen with the naked eye in the rolling clouds,Li Tianzhen faces proudly,Right hand,A dark golden knife appeared,His primordial spirit is also rising and getting bigger,Suddenly clicked,A thick purple electric glow fell fiercely,Unbiased is hitting Li Tianzhu’s soul,He whizzed and fell faster than he came,With a bang, I fell directly into the turbulent waves of the Sea of Vitality。
This blow looks fierce,But the actual damage to Li Tianzhen is extremely limited,The sea of vitality is originally his own vitality composition,Only good for the soul,No harm,And that purple lightning is also real,Suspected of releasing water,The purpose is to prevent,Not kill,If it’s really broken,Don’t say it’s Li Tianzhi,Even the palm print smashed to pieces。
Reluctantly climbed from the sea of vitality to the shore,Li Tianzhen is already exhausted,Although there is no major trauma on his body,But very embarrassed,And the mood is extremely lonely,That flash of lightning can be said to have severely damaged his mind and will,I can’t even take a single blow,What are you talking about looking for rent??
Li Tianzhen is disgusted now,Anyone with magical powers and great power jumps out inexplicably,He is the so-called God of War Li Xiucheng,I have to talk about what I’m hiding,But what is all this for,Always in circles in the clouds,Who has seen the so-called God of War be so useless?