“Haha,You worked too hard to challenge my master, right??Shunzi told me today,You definitely have a problem,Unexpectedly,He didn’t want to team up with us tonight,I went to the mine alone to mine?Say it,Which map is it?”Zhang Song breathed and asked。

“How do you know that I’m in the mine?”Guo Yinzhe Surprised,According to the privacy of the glory game cabin,People outside shouldn’t see his game。
“Hehe,Stupid??Look at the projection on the wall,Our team’s projector can be switched to any game screen in the game cabin with one click……”
“Turned out to be like this……You are about to close it,Mining is meaningless,I went to sleep immediately!”
“what?My question for you,You haven’t answered yet?Which map is this,There is such a big crystal mine,Can actually mine?”Zhang Song was holding on to a thread。
“Ok,If I tell you,You can’t tell others,Especially can’t tell Master Lu……”Guo Yinzhe said helplessly。
“no problem,If i tell someone,Let you blow my head!”Zhang Song slapped his chest and promised。
“Cough,This is to complete the task in the professional challenge temple……”Guo Yinzhe whispered。
“what?!It’s actually a transfer task?what occupation?How did you trigger the task?!!!”Zhang Song immediately turned into a curious baby and said loudly。
“Hush!Don’t wake others up……”Guo Yinzhe immediately interrupted。
“What are you two doing?”I saw Cao Anna come out of the remodeled analysis room with a sleepy look。
“An……Anna!”Guo Yinzhe immediately closed the game pod,Like a thief,Withdrew from inside。
“Talking about topics that only men can talk about!”Zhang Song replied。
“amount……what……nausea!”Say Anna Cao,Sleepy eyes rubbed her long hair and entered the bathroom。
“Boss Guo,carry on?”Zhang Song saw Cao Anna leave,Ask Guo Yinzhe。
“Wait for her to sleep,Just continue……”