Six kinds of cucumber masks whiten all summer

Six kinds of cucumber masks whiten all summer

Cucumber is a very effective natural beauty product.

According to research by experts, the cucumber enzyme contained in fresh cucumber is a very strong biologically active biological enzyme, which can effectively promote the body’s metabolism, expand skin capillaries, promote blood circulation, and enhance the skin’s redox effect.Amazing emollient beauty effect.

  First, gherkin potato mask material: 1/4 gherkin, half a potato, the right amount of flour, the right amount of mineral water.

  Production method: 1. Peel the potato; 2. Remove the head of cucumber and cut the tail into small pieces, put it into a juicer to make mud; 3. Add the most appropriate mineral water, filter and take the liquid; 4,Add flour and stir well.

  How to use: After washing your face with warm water, use a brush (or directly with your hands) to evenly apply the adjusted mask to your uniform. After 15-20 minutes, wash your face with warm water.

2-3 times a week, after 5 weeks, the skin will become supple and hydrated.

  Efficacy: moisturizes and cleanses the skin.

Suitable for any skin type.

Especially dry and rough skin, suitable for basic maintenance.

  Second, the cucumber cucumber mask material: 1/3 of cucumber, 80ml of yogurt.

  Production method: 1. Grind 1/3 of cucumber into mud; 2. Pour cucumber puree into 80ml yogurt; 3. Stir evenly after mixing.

  How to use: Apply directly to the face, the skin feels very comfortable, and the skin will become soft and fair after application.

Avoid covering your eyes when covering your face. Rinse off with water after 5 minutes.

It can also help soothe hot skin.

  Efficacy: Gherkin has a matte effect, yogurt has a whitening effect, and the combination of the two is great.

  Three, gherkin egg mask material: 2 gherkins, 1 egg white, a small amount of flour.

  Production method: 1, the cucumber is broken with a juicer.

2. Mix egg white and cucumber juice.

3. Add flour slowly to make a paste.

  How to use: Apply on the whole body (avoid eye area). After 5-10 minutes, wash with water.

  Effect: Moisturizes and hydrates skin.

  Fourth, white vinegar and cucumber mask material: 2 drops of white vinegar, half of cucumber, 1 egg.

  Production method: peel the cucumber and squeeze the juice, add egg white, add white vinegar and stir well.

  How to use: Apply evenly on the face, avoid eye area, wash with eyes closed for 10 minutes.

  Efficacy: Condition the facial skin, replenish cell moisture and nutrients, and lock in moisture.

  Fifth, cucumber wine glycerin mask material: cucumber 1000g, vodka 200ml, purified water 20ml, glycerin 20ml.

  Production method: 1. Peel, shred cucumber, infuse vodka, and place in a cool place for two weeks.

2. Remove the cucumber shreds, filter, and leave the cucumber wine for later use.

3. Pour the cucumber wine into a bowl, add water and glycerin, and mix thoroughly.

  How to use: Dab a cotton pad with cucumber glycerin juice and apply on the face. Wash it after 30 minutes.

  Efficacy: sterilization, moisturizing, hydrating.

  6. Cucumber and hazelnut mask material: one cucumber, half a tablespoon of lemon juice, one tablespoon of hazelnuts, and one egg white (stir it into a lotus shape with a blender).

  Production method: 1. Peel the cucumber and put it into a food blender.

2. Pour the cucumber juice into a colander or strainer, and put the filtered strain in a bowl.

3. Add the lemon juice and hazelnuts to the flakes. While mixing it, gently pour the protein into it with stirring.

  How to use: Adsorb it evenly over the entire face.

Leave on for 15-25 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

  Efficacy: Fully replenish the skin with moisture, moisturize the skin, and enhance the skin’s ability to retain water.