The most peculiar thing is,It is a black curtain hanging from the dome of the main hall,Like a pennant hanging vertically,Look around,There are probably hundreds of,There is a blurry pattern of light and shadow in the center of each pennant,Staring at everything in the hall like huge eyeballs,With Xue Qifeng’s cultivation base, it’s hard to distinguish the details。

He carefully touched one of the pennants with his spiritual sense,An instant sharp sting,Made Xue Qifeng almost shout,His consciousness is being bitten and cut,Which leads to instability,There is a huge force in the thin curtain,Seems to want to suck his soul out of the body。 After all, Xue Qifeng has a high level of cultivation,The […]

“fair enough。”Although I have my own judgment,But Andy still agrees with this opinion,After all, prepared,As for whether it’s because of strict wife control as other guards have said。Ok,Andy the mighty warrior won’t answer。

“What is the beast tide?”Wright, who was listening to his parents’ conversation, suddenly asked,The adoptive father on one side showed a face“Again”Emoji,And the adoptive mother explained with a smile:“Wright,Do you know the three major Jedi in the mainland?。” Lei Feature nods,I heard the adoptive father mentioned,Answer with a tender voice but a mature tone:“I heard […]

Wang Youcai walked over,Lie on the hospital bed with Wang Degui,Then he lowered his voice and said:”You have to think clearly。If you still talk like this when you leave the hospital,The people in Xiping Village will tear you apart,Didn’t you see Zhao Hong’s funeral,Spectacular and scary“

“This is the fact,What do you want me to do?”Wang Degui asked coldly。 Finance Minister Wang You took a breath and said:“After you leave the hospital,Let’s go to the village committee,Trouble him Xia Jian,Give him all the responsibility Xia Jian。Thus,Everyone will never target you again” “The bad water in your kid,Just say it clearly”Wang Degui […]

Hu Dehai waved his hand,Interrupted Zhang Qiujin again,“Maybe the way I asked is wrong,Is there any way to check the information transferred from Xiaozhai Township,Or related to statistics and filing?”

“For the record,But it’s too early to tell。” “I will trouble you,Fang is not convenient to show us?” “amount,can。”Zhang Qiujin hesitated slightly or readily agreed,After all, it’s a superior,Letter of introduction,No problem with the procedure。 He turned to turn on the computer on the desk,Enter the index interface of the archives,After some proficient operation,The list […]

“Mr. Xia!You are so handsome today”A Fang said insincerely。

Xia Jian asked with a smile:“You mean I’m not handsome anymore?”Xia Jian laughed and pulled the car door and sat on it。 Afang while driving,Said with a smile:“Mr. Xia is usually a little handsome,Handsome today。But our lady treats,Mr. Xia pays so much attention to clothes,What does this show?”Afang said,But I laughed first。 Xia Jian is […]

“Really sorry,I really don’t know how things will develop like this,Please explain to Sister Siwei。”Xia Shuyue feels wrong,She apologized from the heart。

“Explanation?Where do I go to explain now?Blame you,Why are you playing missing?Why don’t you come out and help me explain clearly?”Ye Boping is still reprimanding Xia Shuyue loudly。 “I……”Xia Shuyue is speechless,Don’t know how to explain,Although I am at fault,It’s not all my fault, right?,But after all, Uncle divorced because of this,She can’t stimulate him […]

Chapter 279

I am also shocked by her.。 “breeze,You said that if your apple will eat three times??” When Qin Xue said,I have already felt that the body starts to become hot.。 I heard the question of Qin Xue,Li Hui is also a glimpse,I immediately asked:“You won’t eat three times at a time.?” “Yup,I haven’t eaten two […]

Wang Youfa looked outside the door,See no one from outside,He lowered his voice and said:“Sister!Stop thinking about work all day,I have to think about making myself a little easier。It’s not easy for you to be a woman,How about this!Brother take you to the city tonight,Let’s have fun”

“playing what?”Wang Yihua lowered her voice,Seems to ask with interest。 Wang Youfa has a play,Suddenly refreshed,He laughed:“Play this?Do anything,as long as you like it,I am with you。Money is really not a problem,You just spend it” “No way,If I can’t do my job well,Hard to explain,You better go busy with you!”Wang Yihua suddenly changed her tone […]

“‘Instructor’?Just a reference,I can be near you anytime。”

‘Instructor’Turn around and leave after speaking,The door opened,Concealed again,This moment,Li Tianzhu not only saw Wu Fang,I also saw someone standing not far away‘Mane rat’And Xiao Song,And the big black cat who was just about to sneak into the door。 Li Tianzhen’s heart trembled,Want to open your mouth,But as the door closed, she lost her mind,They […]

When Wang Youcai was about to go back,Suddenly the door of the main house opened,Song Fang came out from inside。She laughed and said:“Since it’s here,Then come in!Since I have a clear conscience,Why sneaky”

There is nothing wrong with Song Fang’s words,But take a closer look,Wang Youcai can’t help it,He let go of his pace and walked in。It’s not Longtan Tiger Den,What is he afraid of。 Open the curtain and step into the upper room,Wang Youcai discovered that there was no one in the room。He turned around and asked:“How […]