“Film,you are still alive?Great,you are still alive。”Xiaowu they naturally know,Film’s departure,What a blow to Qin Feng。

After that, even Su Rou,In order to let Qin Feng out of the shadows,Imitating film,That won’t help Qin Feng。 And after so long,Qin Feng finally walked out and accepted the fact that Film was leaving,Su Rou finally became herself。 Qin Feng met Jiang Yan again,And got married,Led a plain life,But this time Ferryn came back。 […]

Zong Xueqin looked at the man who was racking his brains to kill her,A scornful smile appeared at the corner of his mouth。

How about the Zhao family?What about this master who suddenly landed in Bencheng??How about her dearest Zong family?? Every time when she treats it with sincerity,What’s the exchange? For the benefit of the family, she can be easily betrothed to others,Her efforts and struggles are just not doing business in the eyes of others。 Just […]

The manager found himself unable to organize the language。But then he calmed down,I found myself being led by Qin Feng。After all, you can sue such a big company?You have to have proof,Then you have to be guilty。

Anyway, he doesn’t think Qin Feng has this ability.。 “Hey,Coincidence!Fire employees without reason,And according to compensation,She should pay an extra month’s salary after working for a year,This.”Qin Feng turned his head halfway to look at Yang Xi,“How long have you been in this company。” “Less than a year.”Yang Xi responded honestly。 It’s embarrassing now,Because the […]

Zhou Xiaoyu squeezes the corner of her mouth lightly,An unconcealable smile on his face,But deep in my heart, there is a bit of panic,For fear of being underestimated by him。

He was holding the soft, boneless hand,His palm is warm and strong,Under the gaze of countless surprised eyes,Through the hall,Through the corridor,Through the gate。 Zhou Xiaoyu only feels that her heartbeat is speeding up,Little face is slightly hot,But I can’t wait for this moment to become eternal,Never end。 Two holding hands,All the way out from […]

Lu Menglin doesn’t care about him,Anyway, asking him to dig is just to take the lead。

“Discuss it with you,My request is simple,No matter what method is used,Give me this position,Make a hole down,At least one hundred feet deep。Can it be done?”Lu Menglin asked in a deep voice。 His intention is,If these people can’t handle this kind of technical work,I can only make the portable system come up with a set […]

“Hi hi hi,Don’t look at me,I’m just a poor boy,I haven’t even seen the golden face in my life,How can there be gold reserves?”Cui Kai said with a smile on his face。

“But among us,But someone has a lot of gold reserves!”After talking, Cui Kai smiled and turned to look at Cui Laosan。 “Brat,It’s your grandpa’s idea,See if i don’t beat you to death!” Saying that Cui Laosan pretends to be intolerable,Raise your hand to hit Cui Kai,But when he found that everyone was looking at him […]