Thinking like this,Li Hongyan is happy,While continuing to dig in,Block the sandstone outside。

Digging like this for half an hour,“Keng”A bang,Engineer shovel hits hard rock。 Dig another angle,Again“Keng”The sound of,Can’t dig。 Look back,Space is almost there,I can allow myself to do some small movements inside。 So I cleaned up the surroundings,Kettle full,Back in the backpack,Seal the hole,Only leave a gap for ventilation,Training uniform,Hang up the headlights,Is a hidden […]

So many sons came back to celebrate their birthday,Wang Degui who drank a little wine is naturally happy,He couldn’t help laughing:“I have been the village head for the people of Xiping Village for half my life,Not bad now,The sons are quite capable,A mayor,Two entrepreneurs,Who in Xiping Village can beat ours,no!I’m afraid there is no second one in Pingyang Town”

“I’m proud of you,Let me see if Xia Zecheng’s son is a bear,He has done good deeds for the benefit of our children and grandchildren in Xiping Village,Look at the current Xiping Village,Every life is more moist“Chen Yueqin said with emotion,This is the first time she said it in her mouth。 Wang Degui looked at […]

In the chaotic space of the second soul,A Taoist tree of eight thousand and four thousand feet tall,Four huge branches。

Two of the branches,The stoutness is also close to the main pole,Contains the rhythm of the two instruments and everything。 A branch,Are thinner than these two,Faintly illusory。 The last branch,But in between,And at a slow speed, it doesn’t get thicker。 And this branch,Means‘Chaos Array Road’。 “Time has accelerated 8.7 million years,Outside the past 870 years,I […]

Zhao Chunling is also welcome,And sat down generously,Started breakfast with Xia Jian。Just at this time,Sambo woke up,She kicked her feet and burst into tears。

Ma Yan smiled and said:“My girl is caring,She woke up every time I was about to eat,It makes you can’t eat a bite of hot rice” “Then you eat yours,Leave her alone,Let her cry if she loves to cry!Children cry longer and faster” Xia Jian smiled and said to Ma Yan while eating breakfast。 Ma […]

Now,In front of these people,One after another, looking towards this side。

The more so,Actually these things,It makes people feel more and more,It seems to be a headache。 As for Zhou Xinlin,Looking over here,He was furious。 “Wang Teng,Why are you so against me?” In Zhou Xinlin it looks,Actually this,original,It shouldn’t happen at all。 But now,Such a thing,It just happened directly。 Just this,In fact, it is quite straightforward.。 […]

“Once I get rid of the shackles of opportunity,Will restore most memories except Tao,Including many magical powers、Famen etc.。”Li Ming’s tone is a bit proud:“Although the memories of those moves,with‘Tao’Hook up,Can’t recover directly。But just keeping other memories is enough for me to practice smoothly.。”

“Can make you easily become a leader?I really want this opportunity!”Xiaoyao Taoist did not understand Li Ming’s pride at all,Instead, he cares about other opportunities。 “That is to prevent Zhulong from further fetters!” “Shackles are fine,Anyway, I didn’t even reach the leader level.!”Xiaoyao Daozu’s face is helpless,“I don’t have the determination of Sanqing and Zhulong,Full […]

“it is good,Don’t fight this Sea Eagle Emperor for too long,It is not easy to kill it。”Han Wan nodded。

The two left quickly,They also know that facing the Sea Eagle Emperor,Their cultivation level can’t help much。 …… The Dragon King of Tiansha is really fierce,The Sea Eagle Emperor, who had been cultivated for more than 20,000 years, was beaten and wounded all over。 Besides, the Dragon King of the Devil is basically the upper […]


Money-shaped luck first will copy Luzhou Third,Take the mask on his face:“asshole,When you call the name of the quarter,I will know this moment.。” “Uncle,How can you like this?,I just saved this country.!” “Come on this,It is clear that you steal the crown of the Queen.。” “咕咕 咕咕” “It is no two sons.。” Lubang IIF face,Reach […]

“Alright mom!Who in Xiping Village now eats for a bite?。I’m afraid no one will come,Because people nowadays don’t worry about food and clothing”Wang Youcai can’t bear the stingy of Chen Yueqin,So he immediately interrupted her。

Chen Yueqin was originally dissatisfied with what Wang Youcai did today。Now Wang Youcai ran out to choke her again,She just caught the opportunity。 “Just can you?A three-day banquet can cost a lot of money,You can get the money?”Chen Yueqin gave Wang Youcai a blank look,Said coldly。 Wang Youcai just about to speak,Wang Degui slapped the […]