Bear is like a monkey! Bear monkey appeared Yunnan Longling

Bear monkey photographed within Longling small Montenegro Provincial Nature Reserve. Yang Rong Tingshe Baoshan People November 11 electric Recently, when Yunnan Baoshan Longling small Montenegro Provincial Nature Reserve management and protection of personnel patrolling in the protected area, take a few looks charmingly unexpected wildlife images. State Bureau of Forestry and grasslands Kunming Survey and […]

Civil aviation travel is v word back to Qingming holiday hotel reservation hot

  China Network March 11th, recently, the Civil Aviation Authority released civil aviation related data during the Spring 2021. This year, the Spring Festival is characterized by "pre-low and high", and the latter half of the Spring Festival (February 17 to March 8) 20 days of civil aviation transport passengers 24.66 million passengers, which increased significantly […]

2021 Shanghai City Amateur League · Shanghai Entrepreneur Binjiang Foundation

Shanghai Sportsbureau Party Group, eersteklas inspecteur Zhao Guangheng; Liu Jiaping, president van Shanghai Enterprise Federation; Jiang Subiping, vice-president en secretaris-generaal van Shanghai Enterprises; Zheng Haiping, Director van Shanghai Society (Competition) Center; Pudong New Area Cultural Sport Shi Liang, Director van het Toerisme Bureau Sportsafdeling; Zheng Tingqiang, General Manager, Shanghai Branch, Taikang Pension Insurance Co, Ltd, […]

Beijing Winter Olympics Yanqing District launches volunteer recruitment

This newspaper Beijing October 31st (Reporter He Yong) Beijing Winter Olympics Yanqing Division volunteer recruitment date. Yanqing District will recruit about 10,000 volunteers to contribute to the service of the Winter Olympics. According to reports, according to the service point, the service, the service space, the service range, the Winter Olympics service in the Yanqing […]

Comrade Wu Wei Dong Ren Zhangjiakou Municipal Party Committee Secretary

  A few days ago, the provincial party committee decided: Comrade Wu Wei Dong Ren Zhangjiakou Municipal Party Committee Secretary; Comrades, Comrades, no longer served as Secretary of Zhangjiakou Municipal Party Committee, Standing Committee, and Committee.   Wu Wei Dong, male, Han nationality, born in October 1969, Pinggun, in October 1991, in August 1989, participated in the […]

22 colleges and students in Chongqing, 22 college students, next year, will be "playing games" next year.

  In the early morning of November 7th, in the League of Legends S11 Global Finals, China Team EDG won the 2021 Global Final Championship, this news instantly slammed all online social platforms, once again set off a "electricity tide". In recent years, with the rapid development of the electrical industry, many colleges and universities have […]

Belangrijke drijvende kracht in de langetermijnontwikkeling van Macau

  Op 17 september werd Hengqin Yue Australia Diepte Samenwerkingsgebied officieel onthuld. Op 5 september heeft het Centraal Comité van de Communistische Partij van China, de Staatsraad het algemene programma van "Hengqi Guangdong, de Shenzhen Cooperative District" (hierna aangeduid als "Hengqin Plan").Als de kernconstructie van de Guangdong en Hong Kong, Macao District, voert Hengqin Yue Australia […]

A city of the United States will apologize for the Chinese city 1400 people from China

  Overseas Network September 23, the US "Sheng Ji Xin report" reported on the 22nd, next week, the United States California San Jose City Parliament is expected to pass a resolution, and the role played in the city’s historical crimes to Chinese immigrants And the descendants apologize.   Perarez, San Minshan, said San Jose has been working […]