Finally, there is this layer of ideas.,Previously doubts all solved,only……Chu Deirers think about their own,It seems that the nature is completely changed.?

“You are……sisters?”Chu Deirers suddenly feel,I seem to have a lot of trouble.,One treatment is not good,In the future, I can only go to Wudang asking Zhang Zhen people still lack of not lacking.。 Moon,I know that the Chu Deirers should have completely recognize their identity.,So directly open mouth:“Boy,It seems that you already know……Actually my sister,I […]

Liao Wenjie:“……”

What do you understand?? “Mr. Liao’s skill,I want to do what I don’t need to borrow my black tiger.,But Daxie does not report,Ambitious,Please give me a chance。” “Ok,I will accept my business card.,But let’s talk about it first.,I am looking at your filial piety.,Otherwise it will not be charged。” “Thankful。” Shangshan Honglian,I saw the eyes […]

Wu Lusheng thinks this is not right,Go and knock on Zhang Siwei’s room door。

“Get out of here。”Zhang Siwei roared。 “it’s me,Open the door。”Wu Lusheng lengthens the voice。 Zhang Siwei heard his mother’s voice,Just walk over and open the door,Then sit on the bed and go in a daze,Ye Jia doesn’t know what happened,Look at mom,Look at grandma again。 “You quarreled again?Why?”Wu Lusheng hugged Ye Jia。 “I want to […]

The weakest sword skill,It doesn’t make much sense to deal with the demons of seven thousand years。

“alright,Don’t blame you,It’s the flame crown golden eagle not having enough years,Of course you should pay attention next time,Even if it’s a creature whose cultivation base is not as good as yours,They also have some deadly weapons,Don’t be ironic……”I wish Minglang a helpless way。 I thought this flame crown golden eagle could practice the tacit […]


First0534chapter Catch the thief Looked at the stab wound on the wound that was not removed,Dong Yixuan feels a little scared,He asked quietly:“You just got hurt?” “A week ago!There are four guys by night,Grab money with a dagger,I was beaten away,I didn’t expect that I was also injured”Xia Jian said calmly。?Eight?One Chinese Network? ㈧.?8㈠1?Z?㈠.?COM Dong […]

“5month3day,You and Jones’ assistant, Lu Ying, visited Xie Xiaoya where she was imprisoned.。This is what you want to go,Someone asked you to go?This must be remembered clearly.“The male police started questioning again。

Xia Jian wanted to say this was what he wanted to go,But he changed his mind,I think it would be better to answer truthfully。The police came to him for questioning,It’s not groundless,But they have mastered his actions。If you lie at this time,May really get yourself in trouble。 Xia Jian hesitated,I don’t know how to answer […]

Damn!So free and easy!Could it be that ethnic minorities failed。When Xia Jian was looking at these people,The bald head suddenly looked back at Xia Jian’s table,Just listen to him laughing:“I haven’t seen a few beauties all the way,So all the beauties are here!”

It’s a good thing to be praised,But this word came out of this person’s mouth, Xia Jian didn’t feel like listening。as expected,I heard a guy with yellow hair next to his bald head say:“Big brother,There should be beauty if there is wine and meat,I went to talk,Let them come over for a drink with Brother” […]

In fact,I wish Minglang is ecstatic,But he didn’t want others to know that the elf was a spirit well,This thing is too special,So forcibly resisted not showing it。

Mainly this excitement and joy is a bit difficult to bear。 This seems a bit painful and weird to outsiders! “Cough,nothing,nothing,I think it’s extraordinary enough。”Zhu Minglang coughed heavily,This suppressed the desire to laugh。 “brothers,Cry if you feel uncomfortable,Why don’t i get more,Helped you。So much money,The result is such a tasteless little cute pet,Everyone wants to […]

“what,I know I guessed right,It’s you!”Luo Yun looked excited。

Fuming is even stranger“You know me?” “Hi,You don’t know yet,You are famous,The four teams of teacher Wang Yukun in charge of enrollment all know your name,You were badly injured and killed the mad fire lion!Do you know this is equivalent to a miracle?!”Luo Yun is more excited,The more you listen, the more speechless you are,Originally […]

But this time I was in danger,It was Hu Huiru’s ruthless trick。first,She spent a long time in Pingdu,She’s going to come here。There is another reason,Hu Huiru wants to pull out Manager Chen, who used to work in Donglin Township, for the Dongsheng Group。

Because she heard it when she came,The new female secretary of Pingdu City is called Female Bao Gong,This incident in Donglin Township,I’ll definitely investigate it through。No one is responsible,It must be hard to get through。 Xia Jian glanced at Feng Yan, who was a little pensive,Hehe smiled and said:“This won’t work,You still have important work […]